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Steam Simplified Chinese The most used graphics card in the world is RTX 3060

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Steam Simplified Chinese The most used graphics card in the world is RTX 3060

Simplified Chinese Surpasses English as Most Widely Used Language on Steam Platform

In a recent announcement, the electronic game platform Steam revealed the February data of its “Hardware and Software Survey”, showing a significant upward trend in the platform’s Simplified Chinese users. Surpassing English, Simplified Chinese has become the most widely used language in the world on the platform.

According to Steam’s official survey data, Simplified Chinese users increased by 7.62% in February, now accounting for 32.84% of the entire platform. This surge has pushed Simplified Chinese to the top spot, surpassing English to become the language used by the most users on Steam.

This achievement is not a first for Simplified Chinese, as Chinese media outlet Kuai Technology points out. The popularity of the game “PUBG: Battlegrounds” in Chinese Internet cafes following its launch in October 2017 led to a significant increase in the usage of Simplified Chinese on the Steam platform.

Despite this milestone, some Chinese netizens humorously remarked that “they are all Argentineans”, reflecting their reliance on the platform. The disappearance of the Turkish, Argentinian, and Russian stores on Steam led to comments like “we have no choice but to return to the homeland”, highlighting the strong attachment of Chinese users to the platform.

In addition to language usage, Steam also looked into the graphics cards preferred by players. The data revealed that the RTX 3060 continues to be the top choice, with its share increasing by 1.19% to 6%, solidifying its position as the most popular graphics card among players.

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Sources: Steam, Kuai Technology

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