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Steam ushers in the trend of “Battlefield 2042” DICE creative director thinks he is not a designer, but more like a “player feedback translator” | 4Gamers

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Steam ushers in the trend of “Battlefield 2042” DICE creative director thinks he is not a designer, but more like a “player feedback translator” | 4Gamers

The multiplayer battlefield military shooting “Battlefield 2042” (Battlefield 2042) launched in 2021, in the third season “Escalation” (Escalation) followed the free weekend experience of Steam and Xbox consoles in early December, setting a record for this work in 2022. The highest online peak of Steam players also ushered in the “second chance” that the DICE team longed for.

After experiencing “rebirth management” and surviving the sluggish second season, “Battlefield 2042” finally joined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam for free weekend play in the third season on December 1, and the number of players began to climb on December 2 , and brought a peak of 36,424 online players on December 4th.


At the same time, observe the status of Steam reviews. Although the overall evaluation of “Battlefield 2042” is still mostly negative, the evaluations obtained during the free weekend are more positive than negative. This cannot be blamed on the players. For those who pre-ordered the gold version It’s too late for everything.

However, the Singapore battlefield “Cargo Manifest” and the Antarctic battlefield “Separation” newly added in the third season have been well received by many players. The chaos of the 128-player battlefield and the combination of team tactics seem to have regained the characteristics of the previous BF, and the new expert Zain , the new plasma gun EMKV90-TOR, and the tank vehicle equipped with a rail gun all bring an atmosphere of near-future warfare.

According to PCGamer’s interview with DICE team senior producer Ryan McArthur and associate producer Alexia Christofi and others, they understand the frustration that players felt when the original game was launched, and they also understand that “Battlefield 2042” lacks the core elements of the Battlefield series that players love. .

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“[Players]like chaos,” said producer McArthur. “But in a chaotic battlefield, you want to experience unchallenged wit, you want to achieve a strategic. So for chaos and chaos design, there are It’s not that fun.”

Therefore, the DICE team emphasized that the main reason for postponing the first season is because their team is actively reviewing how to make feedback from the player community more reflected in the content of the game.

In the interview, producer McArthur said that the creative director of “Battlefield 2042” now sees himself no longer as a game designer, but more like a “player feedback translator”, and someone must be able to determine why players leave comments.

“The vast majority of the feedback we get is negative, and very aggressive negative comments, but it’s not a mistake,” McArthur emphasizes. “Our key is to step out of this emotion and understand in terms of comments: If you leave out the emotional side, what did the players say? What did they miss?”

“We really want feedback right now,” says Associate Producer Christofi. “We know the players are Battlefield fans, they’ve always loved Battlefield, and we can learn a lot from them.”

In the interview, McArthur revealed that “Battlefield 2042” still has at least two seasons of updates, and revealed that the fifth season will bring a location familiar to players of “Battlefield 4”, but it has been deserted in the time and space of 2042 .

Although the free weekend strategy is indeed effective, whether to retain players is still the direction of the DICE team’s continuous efforts. DICE has already announced that the unit system will be updated and implemented in version 3.2 of the third season, and the free weekend game on the PlayStation platform will be available in December. It will debut from 16th to 23rd.

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