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Step by step to unlink a Gmail account from Facebook

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Step by step to unlink a Gmail account from Facebook

Recent reports have revealed that the option to unlink a Facebook account from Gmail can provide users with greater independence and control over the notifications and emails they receive. This process is key for individuals who are looking to improve their online privacy or stop receiving unwanted messages.

The process of unlinking a Gmail account from Facebook is an easy process that does not generate major complications. Users simply have to access the Settings and privacy section in their Facebook profile, and go to the Password and security, and then Personal data and Contact information. From there, they can delete the email associated with their Facebook account and add a new email to continue receiving notifications. This procedure ensures that the Facebook account is no longer associated with the specific Gmail address, which offers an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access and less diffuse distribution of personal information. This move is especially important given the recent announcement by Google that inactive accounts will be deleted from Photos and Gmail starting December 1.

Google has announced plans to remove content from accounts that have not been used in the last two years in order to optimize the storage of its account base. This decision, which was made as part of a security policy, aims to protect the integrity and security of accounts and avoid risks associated with abandoning them. According to Ruth Kricheli, vice president of product management at Google, inactive accounts may be more prone to security compromises and vulnerabilities, which justifies the decision to delete their content.

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As privacy continues to be a key concern for Internet users, reports indicate that measures to manage personal information are crucial to reinforce peace of mind and control over online activities. With over 1.5 billion active users globally, Gmail remains one of the most used email services in the world, making these recent moves by Google and Facebook particularly relevant for many individuals.

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