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Super high C/P value and excellent performance!Gigabyte B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 Motherboard Unboxing Review

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Super high C/P value and excellent performance!Gigabyte B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 Motherboard Unboxing Review

Want to have the performance of 13th generation Intel processors plus DDR5, but limited by the purchase cost of Intel Z790 chipset motherboard? Come! Now everyone has an economical choice, that is the B760 chipset motherboard that has just been released from the ban. A number of board manufacturers have launched various special specifications and configurations for computer DIY players. In addition to DDR5 and DDR4 memory installation options, And there is not much sacrifice in the hardware installation scalability part! In this article, I will introduce the B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 motherboard launched by Gigabyte, which provides players with a cheaper purchase cost than the Z790 chipset, and can continue to use the DDR4 memory in your hand, and has 8+1+ 1 Excellent digital power supply design! Without further ado, let’s start the unboxing introduction!

Gigabyte B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 motherboard unboxing

The motherboard’s outer box design is very gaming-style, which of course means that you can have excellent game performance and component expandability through this motherboard!

There are four main features of the product on the back of the color box, as well as the motherboard and rear I/O diagrams

The motherboard adopts ATX size architecture, which can be configured with abundant I/O expandability!Here you can also see that there are quite a large area of ​​heat dissipation components on the motherboard, mainly for the power supply, M.2 SSD, and Intel B760 chipset on the motherboard to effectively dissipate heat

On the back of the motherboard, you can see that the audio circuit part has been specially shielded to make the signal more pure~

Powerful double copper circuit + Smart Fan 6 temperature control design

Twice the copper circuit board: Although it is heavy in cost, GIGABYTE adopts the double copper design in the inner layer of the circuit board, by turning the circuit board into an ultra-thin circuit board-sized copper heat sink, which can effectively remove the heat of components, With the support of high thermal conductivity and low impedance, the temperature of components can be reduced by at least 3%!

Smart Fan 6: This can be said to be a very popular design for computer DIYers and gamers; it includes a variety of unique cooling functions of GIGABYTE, which can ensure the best balance between quietness, coolness and high performance of the gaming console. There are absolutely enough sets of fan connectors built into the mainboard, which can not only support fans of different specifications, but also can be safely used to correspond to water-cooled pumps. Players only need to use the intuitive and friendly software interface to detect the temperature of different temperature measurement points on the motherboard, and easily define each fan curve to control the speed in real time to achieve the effect of cooling!

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Each fan header supports PWM/DC fans and water-cooled pumps, providing up to 24W (12V x 2A) overcurrent protection! And as many as 6 temperature/fan speed control points can realize accurate fan speed curve, so that players can rest assured to control the heat dissipation problem! The “hyperbolic mode” can provide slope/step dual mode according to different usage requirements, allowing players to set a suitable fan speed curve. Don’t think or be afraid that the operation of so many fans in several boxes will continue to bring annoying wind noise. When the computer system is running at low efficiency, it can stop due to the temperature drop without using hot fans to save power and improve fan durability. oh!

By the way, GIGABYTE also has quite powerful hardware monitoring functions, including voltage and temperature detection, fan speed detection, and fan failure warning; you can avoid damage to related components due to temperature rise caused by fan-related cooling devices. The “tragedy”!

Powerful scalability!

You can refer to the picture above, the host has a very powerful electronic specification design and rich expandability! Next, let’s introduce these features one by one~

Let’s take a look at the rear I/O design first, providing 3 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports (blue), 5 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (black and red BIOS USB), 2 SMA antenna ports (2T2R ) provides powerful networking capabilities of Wi-Fi 6E, 1 HDMI 2.0 socket, 1 DisplayPort socket, 1 RJ-45 port, as well as 5.1-channel analog output and sound design of Mic and LINE in!

Q-Flash Plus Here, I would like to mention the very convenient GIGABYTE Q-Flash Plus technology; it can help users to easily update the BIOS without a processor, memory or graphics card, or even without entering the BIOS menu! Just save the downloaded latest BIOS to a flash drive in FAT or FAT 32 format, and rename the BIOS to GIGABYTE.bin, then insert the flash drive into the USB slot on the motherboard and press the Q-Flash Plus button, The system will help you to easily complete the BIOS update and start the system normally! 8+1+1 digital power supply design

The 8+1+1 digital power supply design supplemented by DrMOS can provide purer and more precise power for the processor, and further enhance the heat dissipation performance to ensure the stability of the processor under high frequency and high load operation. The configuration design of the solid capacitor can improve the transient response and minimize the voltage oscillation!

Full coverage cooling design

Compared with the traditional heat sink, the heat dissipation of the MOSFET can be effectively improved by increasing the surface area of ​​the heat sink by 2 times. The TMOS power module uses a true single-piece heat sink design, which greatly improves heat dissipation performance due to the one-piece design and larger heat dissipation surface area compared to competitors’ multi-piece designs. The heat sink of the TMOS power module is designed with multiple slits and air intake holes. This design allows more airflow to pass through, greatly improving heat convection and conduction performance.

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In addition, here you can see that the motherboard is equipped with 8 solid-pin processors to assist the power slot~

This motherboard supports DDR4 memory, which can provide players with an ultra-high frequency of overclocking to 5333 (OC), allowing the system to overclock with better stability and speed! (Support dual-channel technology and Non-ECC memory)

Supports RGB lighting effects, equipped with RGB 2.0 technology and supports digital/analog light strips, allowing you to easily create your own style of computer host!

The motherboard is configured with one PCI Express x16 slot that supports PCIe 4.0 x16, and one PCI Express x16 slot that supports PCIe 3.0 x4. The first M.2 socket is supported by the CPU, the second and third groups are supported by the chipset (both PCIe 4.0); and the built-in iTE I/O control chip is responsible for other lower speed I/O devices Operation ~

Facing the increasingly high-speed M.2 SSD, it is necessary to solve the heat dissipation problem! GIGABYTE’s motherboard is equipped with a unique M.2 cooling fin design, which can effectively and quickly remove the waste heat during work, quickly reduce the operating temperature of the M.2 solid state drive, and improve work efficiency and system stability!

System Information Viewer

GIGABYTE System Information Viewer is a powerful system monitoring software, through which you can grasp the current system status and monitor the clock and frequency of the processor, memory and other components; adjust and plan the change of the selected fan speed, and also It is possible to set warnings for overheating of the system or specific components, and record computer execution status. All of the above functions can be easily configured through the System Information Viewer, so that everyone can keep track of the system usage and health status at any time!

The multi-stage UI control interface allows computer DIY players to control and adjust performance as they like!


GIGABYTE EasyTune is an easy-to-use interface for players to optimize system settings or easily adjust the frequency and voltage of the system and memory in the Windows environment.

For example, when you want to greatly improve the system performance, you can try “OC” to overclock, and the usual paperwork is recommended to use the default value~

performance test

Finally, let’s actually test the performance of the product for everyone to see~

testing platform:

Processor: Intel Core i9-13900K Memory: Kingston Beast Blazing White Limited Edition DDR4 RGB memory (8GB x4) 3600MT/s Boot disk: Crucial P5 M.2 PCIe Gen 4×4 NVMe SSD Processor cooling system: 360 water cooling System Power Supply: 1000W Operating System: WINDOWS 11 Professional Edition

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Through Intel’s very easy-to-use Extreme Turing tool software, you can see the complete specification information of the system~

Cinebench R20 single core reached 846 pts, multi-threading reached 14518 pts; this part of the performance is similar to most Z790 chipset motherboard scores, and whether it is single-core or multi-threading, the performance scores of performance scores are not as good as other competing products Most B760 / DDR5 motherboards work great!

The score part of Cinebench R23; the single core is 2176pts, and the multi-threading gets a super good score of 33728 pts! Same, the performance of this part is similar to most motherboards with Z790 chipset~

Tested with AIDA64, the read speed of the memory reaches 53579 MB/s, the write speed reaches 51933 MB/s, and the delay is only 86.8ns

PCMARK10 basic test reached 5874 points~

The running score of CROSSMARK is very impressive, and the overall score reaches 2360 points! The performance of this part is also similar to the scores of most Z790 chipset motherboards~

Summary of test experience

Based on the above test results, we can find that the performance of the motherboard with the B760 chipset is not much different from that of the Z790 chipset. The specifications are partially limited, which is why we may not see such rich expansion on the motherboards of the B760 chipset as the motherboards of the Z790 chipset~

On the contrary, if you don’t need to use so many expansion devices, then the B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 motherboard launched by Gigabyte Technology will be a more affordable choice, and you can continue to use your DDR4 memory ! The expandability of the product is actually very rich and sufficient. There can be a set of USB 3.2 Gex 2 Type-C to the front or top of the case; but the only pity is that the rear I/O is not equipped with USB Type-C.

However, no matter in terms of heat dissipation or power supply design, you can see that this motherboard from Gigabyte is very powerful. Annual warranty after-sales service! By the way, it not only supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2, but the Wi-Fi specification is the latest Wi-Fi 6E, which allows everyone to get the best network speed, low latency and stability when surfing the Internet~

In the choice of processor, you can now have more choices! Because Intel has recently added “non-K” processors, including updates to non-overclocked processors such as i9-13900, i7-13700, and i5-13600; if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to start with i5-13500, with a good display The card can let you have a good game performance!

This article has a super high C/P value and excellent performance! Gigabyte B760 GAMING X AX DDR4 motherboard unboxing evaluation first appeared in computer DIY.

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