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super offers on smartphones and more

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super offers on smartphones and more

It is not just Euronics that is launching offers on Xiaomi products in this period, given that the brand itself has also started a promotional initiative. More precisely, they already have been Spring Discounts launched.

In this regard, it is by taking a look at the official Xiaomi portal that we learn that the offers will continue until 09:59 on 5 March 2024. The promotional initiative instead began on February 21st, although we remember that Spring will actually begin on March 20th (so Xiaomi is anticipating the times a bit).

In any case, the offers do not only concern smartphones, but there are many products related to the Xiaomi portfolio. In short, reference is made to tablet, TV, auricolari, smartwatch and so on and so forth. Furthermore, there is also a discount based on spending: for a total of 99 euros you get 10 euros discount, while 199 euros spent allow you to save 20 euros. 299 euros instead bring the discount to 30 euros, even if this type of promotion is not applicable to POCO X6 Series and POCO M6 Pro.

To give you a concrete example regarding individual promotions, the 43-inch Xiaomi TV A2 television it is offered in this context at a price of 299.99 euros (instead of the recommended cost of 449.99 euros). In between there is a 10% discount coupon (code TV202). In short, you might be interested in keeping an eye on the Xiaomi website during this period.

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