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Teaching|Sony DualSense Edge professional wireless controller function introduction, teach you how to set up from the first step | 4Gamers

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Teaching|Sony DualSense Edge professional wireless controller function introduction, teach you how to set up from the first step | 4Gamers

This is for first-time users of professional wireless controllers, or those who need to understand the detailed settings of DualSense Edge before starting; players who are familiar with this type of controller should basically know how to use it.

Here is an introduction to the DualSense Edge hardware design, appearance, and explanations of different parts. Hands-on play|Sony DualSense Edge professional wireless controller, the module was originally installed like this.





After completing the settings, an icon of each customized profile will appear on the right for easy search and viewing.


DualSense Edge setup process

Turn on the power of the PS5 host, connect the DualSense Edge and the host with a USB cable, press the PS button on the front of the controller, turn on the controller, and the connection installation will begin. If you need further use after finishing, you can unplug the USB cable and use it wirelessly.

When connecting for the first time, the system will automatically display the “Welcome to DualSense Edge Wireless Controller” guide. It doesn’t matter if you skip it or start reading it. You can find this guide again later in the system.








“Custom Profiles”This is where you can customize your DaulSense button configuration. If it’s not the quick menu launched from the Fn button, it’s here to set it up.


A PS5 can store up to 30 sets of customized profiles (below, a named profile and 29 unnamed files, a total of 30).

Customized configuration files can be named after the player name, game name, or use situation, which is convenient for switching and searching.



Please note that if at any time it is necessary to change theProfiles that have already been set up, please go to “Unassigned Profile” of “Customize Profile” to change. or change other toggles.

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Enter “Create a custom profile”, here are subdivided into 5 options:

Custom button configuration.

Joystick sensitivity/dead zone.

Trigger dead zone.

Vibration intensity.

Trigger effect strength.


“Custom button configuration”In addition to the two Fn buttons of DualSense Edge, all other visible buttons can be individually assigned functions, including deactivation.

What’s more special is that the PS button and the touchpad can only be turned off/on, and the functions of other buttons cannot be assigned.


Confirm and press the button pattern you want to change, and select the item you want to specify.



The touchpad and touchpad buttons can be individually turned on/off. You can turn off all of them, or turn on some functions, depending on your needs.



The joystick can be turned on/off, or directly select “Switch Left/Right Joystick”.


“Joystick Sensitivity/Blind Zone”This is where the core function of the customized configuration file is located. The functions based on the left and right joysticks are usually divided into walking and aiming. Here, players need to set the details of the “left joystick” and “right joystick”.


“Sensitivity Curve”Settings, including presets, there are 6 preset situations, for shooting, sports, action games, including operation needs such as movement and aiming.

In addition to applying the options directly, or use the Adjustment Curves to further alter the range of movement yourself.







“Adjust blind spot”A total of 0% to 30% to adjust the spacing, mainly to change the swing range of the joystick to prevent the operation deviation when it is accidentally touched.

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“Trigger Blind Zone”. In addition to using the “L2/R2 stroke adjustment lever” behind the DualSense Edge to change the button stroke, here you can directly change the range of the trigger to prevent accidental pressing.

You can set them separately, or select “Apply the same settings for L2 and R2” at the top, and the two come together.



“Vibration Intensity”and“Trigger Effect Strength”The main thing is to adjust the range of vibration effects. Both have strong, medium, weak, and off options; the default is “strong (standard)”.

Incidentally, if the trigger travel adjustment lever has been changed,“Trigger Effect Strength”The default is off.



Find DualSense Edge settings menu from PlayStation 5

Enter the “Settings” menu of PlayStation 5, enter the “Peripherals” and it will appear“DualSense Wireless Controller”menu.


Enter“DualSense Wireless Controller”menu, you can see the setting of DualSense Edge earlier“Custom Profiles”Features. And more setting items corresponding to the controller and the system.


“Receive system feedback when switching personal data”This is actually pressing the Fn button to switch the display of the profile, such as the indicator light and vibration.

Because the Fn button can also change the headphone and microphone volume and allocation, if you don’t want to interfere with the screen during the game, watch videos, live broadcast or be seen by others, you can directly open/close the pop-up menu here.



“Function Menu”Here is the popup menu setting for pressing the Fn button. There are three stages in total, all of which can be seen, only the custom file switching can be seen, and only the custom file in use can be seen.

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Further explains the detailed functions of the Fn button.

The Fn button is mainly used to call the Edge menu, which can be called at any time no matter where it is.

Fn button + action button (△○×□): switch the setting file.

Fn button + ≡: Customize profile.

Fn button + direction button up/down: Adjust the headphone volume.
Fn button + direction button up/down: Adjust the sound balance.


Back to the function introduction.Next“Brightness of Controller Indicator”, if you feel that the original controller indicator light of DualSense Edge is too bright, you can set it yourself here. Incidentally, the default is “bright”.


DualSense Edge Wireless Controller: Additional Settings

“Using the Guide”This is the screen you see when DualSense Edge is connected to PS5 for the first time, and you can review it at any time.


“DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Device Software”The controller driver version will be displayed here, including checking if it is up to date.

“Resetting your DualSense Edge wireless controller”, function as literally. When you need to erase all the settings of DualSense Edge and want to start over with a different mood, press this button and it will be done automatically.


After the installation is complete, you can go to “Settings” > “Peripherals” > “Bluetooth Peripherals” to confirm the login and usage status. After the installation is complete and the status is in use, “Connected” will appear here.

If not, please reconfirm the controller battery and Bluetooth connection status.


The above is the complete function setting and user interface sharing of DualSense Edge, please refer to it before starting. DualSense Edge will be available in Taiwan on January 26, priced at NT$6,480.

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