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Tech Diary — August 2023

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The detours into the digital society are even further than I thought five years ago

In 2018 I found out about the existence of the book “Ways into the digital society: Computer use in the Federal Republic 1955-1990”, which was published in the same year. The book was only available on paper, the whistleblower’s research assistant wanted to scan it and then I was supposed to get a digital version. That didn’t happen, for reasons I’ve now forgotten.

In 2022 I therefore ordered the book used via AbeBooks. In principle, I’m very much in favor of getting money for writing, but the book costs 30 euros new and I don’t even know if it’s interesting at all. It’s still 12.50 euros used, but the savings are still limited. I can’t reconstruct whether it was me or AbeBooks, but I received and paid for the book twice, and looking at the confirmation emails, I’m glad that four copies didn’t come.

Because the book is too big to travel with and I don’t like carrying around paper books regardless of book size, I plan to scan the book myself and then read it.

After traveling around for a long time, I’m in the same place as my two copies today. Before I start scanning, I check again whether there is a digital version and whether I can save myself the work. The publisher still does not offer any. This is why the book cannot be borrowed from a library at Overdrive/Libby as an e-book. The Open Library (which is likely to lend a scan of the book even after the lawsuit because no official e-book exists) doesn’t have it. But at Library Genesis it has now surfaced!

After half an hour of unsuccessful attempts, I manage to download the book. And now I’m finally going to find out what the paths to this digital society, in which we have fortunately been living since 1990, looked like. Can’t imagine how impractical everything else would be.

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(Kathrin Passig)

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