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Tech Diary — June 15, 2023

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Every three years I try driving a taxi, but

My job is to escort someone to a hospital far away and bring them back in a taxi. I would not voluntarily take a taxi, the penultimate time in 2020 was unpleasant and the penultimate time in 2017 too. But it’s one of those procedures where the hospital insists that someone take you home afterwards.

I previously opened my “Taxi Berlin” app, which I hadn’t used for years, and checked whether and how I could use it to call a taxi when I was in the surrounding area. Call, and above all pay, because I forgot to get cash in time again. I don’t believe that you can reliably pay by card in taxis, perhaps for historical reasons.

The “Taxi Berlin” app only shows an error message when I want to check which payment methods I have entered there. That does not mean that I will be able to pay with it later.

I install a second app that looks the same but is called “Taxi EU”. There I can select Google Pay as the payment method. Nothing else, but maybe that will work.

Actually, I hope that there is a taxi rank right in front of the hospital. But it’s probably too far out for that, at least nobody can be seen. So when we leave the hospital, I open the app, fill in the departure and destination locations, and expect that a button will now appear that I can use to order a taxi.

Instead, I get the same two phone numbers for local taxi companies that were shown before I entered the addresses. I wonder why I installed an app and entered addresses if I’m supposed to call now, but we’re in the country and there’s no other choice, so I call. The taxi ride is supposed to go halfway around Berlin and will cost quite a bit of money. I assume that the taxi dispatcher will be happy about my call.

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No, says the woman on the phone, that’s not possible. Like now, I say. The taxis are all already booked, she says. Taxis, in the plural. So there seems to be more than one, but probably not much more. I set up an app for free and made free calls. We take the bus and the regional train back the way we came.

(Kathrin Passig)

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