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On Valentine’s Day we can only talk about matters of the heart: Apple couldn’t have chosen a better time to communicate the updated data on the heart health of its Apple Heart and Movement Studya study released for the first time in 2019. Also because this is the month dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, a field in which devices such as Apple Watch have an increasingly important role.

Apple and heart health: the impact of technology on cardiovascular tone

The fact that there is a strong bond between physical activity and heart health is certainly nothing new announced by the Apple study. But researchers have volume to emphasize the role of cardiovascular tone to feel good, measured by value VO2 max. This value indicates the maximum amount of oxygen the body can burn during physical exercise.

The importance of VO2 max (and physical activity)

Several studies suggest that cardiovascular tone could serve to predict mortality riskovercoming other factors such as smoking, diabetes or hypertension.

Usually, to measure it you have to ask for a specialist visit. However, smartwatches like Apple Watch they give the possibility of estimating cardiovascular tone continuously. Which means you can monitor its changes over time. Not only that: in case of low levels, the user will receive direct notifications, accompanied by suggestions on how to improve and indications on how to consult a doctor in case of anomalies.

But how can you improve your cardiovascular tone? The Brigham & Women’s Hospital explains that those with higher levels of muscle tone dedicate more on average 15 minutes a day to physical activity compared to those with lower frequencies.

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Furthermore, the “early birds” that train in the morning have better results. In fact, study participants with higher cardiovascular tone tend to train mainly in the morning (36%). While those with lower levels prefer evening activity (36,2%).

How and when you exercise (and improve your heart health) with Apple Watch

Apple’s study reports that approximately the 54,8% of participants met or exceeded the recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. It is interesting to note how the trend of the activity reached its peak on 27 maggiowhile the least active day was 25th December. In short: few people train even at Christmas.

An encouraging fact is that the 27% of participants increased their level of cardiovascular tone by more than 1 mL/kg/minwhile the 33% remained within 1 mL/kg/min.

The Dr. Calum MacRaeresponsible for the project, underlines the importance of understand the value of VO2 max in the life cycle, allowing you to identify the differences in exercise capabilities between individuals and relate them to long-term well-being. The ability to monitor this value over time allows you to provide personalized advice on training and cardiovascular health.

Some tips from the Apple study to improve heart health

Apple’s research also allows us to extrapolate some tips for improving your muscle tone. All using Apple Watch as an ally.

The first step is to keep tabs on it the “Cardiovascular Tone” on Apple Watchyours VO2 max. The American Heart Association recognizes it as a powerful indicator of overall health. You can also receive direct notifications if your level seems low compared to average for your age and gender.

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Furthermore, Apple Watch regularly checks your heart rate and alerts you in case of anomalies. It can identify unusually high or low heart rates, alerting you in case of an emergency. In fact, the function of irregular heart rhythm notification can detect signs of atrial fibrillation, a heart arrhythmia that requires medical attention.

But on your Apple watch you will also find the ECG app, which allows you to take an electrocardiogram and record your symptoms (which you can communicate to your doctor). Additionally, atrial fibrillation history on Apple Watch allows you to record lifestyle factors and monitor changes over time.

Let’s think about the heart, not just about Valentine’s Day

Apple’s research continues to analyze the link between physical activity and a person’s general well-being. Even light workouts, but taken seriously and consistently, They have a beneficial impact on our heart health. The Apple Watch tools then lend a hand to simplify the monitoring of these values.

These tools aren’t the only reason to wear an Apple Watch: for many, true convenience is having your iPhone notifications always at a glance. But they are an added value, especially if wearing the Apple Watch pushes you to be more constant in physical activity. Taking a few extra steps and getting moving with a short workout can make a difference.

Find all the information on the Apple Heart and Movement Study at this link.

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