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Technology diary — Christmas 2023 (but since 2021)

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Technology diary — Christmas 2023 (but since 2021)

Update of the nativity scene lighting

In 2020 I lit up the Christmas nativity scene in my parents’ house in a makeshift and rather ugly way. In 2021 I bought and installed a more suitable string of lights. It will continue to be in use in 2023:


The last LED of the thin string of lights is in the lantern made by my brother. I put it in a red glass bead so that it doesn’t shine so brightly (you can’t see this in the photo). A USB string of lights with just this single LED at the end would be ideal, but unfortunately this is not available for purchase. This is the shortest one, it has 10 or 15 LEDs. That’s why I covered some of the LEDs with brown wrapping paper and hid the rest under the crib.


The light chain cable leads to my power bank, which is in the neighboring shelf. In the second picture you can also see the annoying glow of the other LEDs under the green crib tablecloth.

In 2021 and 2022, the surplus LEDs of the fairy lights were hidden in a snuff glass, locally: a Schmai bottle:


The glowing red thing on the crib roof in the last photo is an LED to which a glass gem made from children’s toy supplies has been glued with tape so that it shines less unromantically. That was nice too, but the current solution is less work

(Kathrin Passig)

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