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Technology diary — Christmas 2023

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Technology diary — Christmas 2023

New Christmas tree pendulum candle holder technology

For many, many years there have been real candles on our Christmas tree, i.e. those with flames, mixed with an electric string of lights. The fairy lights are connected to a socket with Alexa, so that we can use the command: “Alexa, Christmas tree on!” can turn on the fairy lights in the Christmas tree. This is of course a bit silly, but it also has a practical component because the socket for the fairy lights is behind the Christmas tree and the power switch is otherwise a bit difficult to reach.

A few years ago I saw pendulum candle holders for the first time. It took a few years until I bought 6 of these candle holders for our tree, but this year the time has come:

Image: Pendulum candle holder with a burning candle in the Christmas tree, as well as LED lights and some other tree decorations

Once again for comparison: a pendulum candle holder, which always keeps the candle upright thanks to the counterweight and is simply hung over a branch, and the old clamp candle holder, which is clamped onto a branch and the candle is placed vertically with a ball joint:

Image: A pendulum candle holder and two clamp candle holders

Addendum: Kathrin points out to me that Marlene has already written an article about pendulum candle holders and asks me if that’s perhaps why I know them. Marlene’s article appeared a year ago and in it she describes that pendulum candle holders were probably used in her household as early as the 1980s! I may recognize pendulum candle holders from your post, I’m not sure. I’m only now remembering the glass balls with candles in them described in Marlene’s post, we don’t have anything like that yet, so there is still room for improvement for next year.

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