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Technology Diary — June 6, 2007

by admin

Spanish Internet access

I’m on holiday in Castile and blogging on the go.

In Madrid we lived in a cheap hostel without any internet. Well, then every now and then we went to the internet cafe basement of the raw food store “Vitamina”.

In Ávila, on the other hand, it was a noble parador that hosted us. Internet access was only available via a decrepit (floppy disk drive!) and expensive computer in the picturesque glass patio. No USB slot, but after inserting the two euros, the almost forgotten modem beep squeaked for 20 minutes. So only the bare minimum was possible.

And now I’m sitting in Toledo in a shabby “locutorio” (could it be that someone recently urinated under my keyboard?) where the checkout lady to my left is doing a manicure with a nail clipper. Argh.

First published on the appetizer platter.

(die Kaltmamsell)

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