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Technology Diary — May 25, 2006

by admin

Poland – a study trip (with the cute subnotebook)

(Abridged version of this blog post for the technology diary: www.vorspeisenplatte.de/speisen/2006/05/polen-eine-studienreise.htm, missing umlauts are due to the Polish keyboard.)

First I unsuccessfully looked around for public Internet access in this hotel juggernaut, then asked at the reception. And lo and behold, or hurrah, in the basement, behind the seven Masurian mountains, near the seven Masurian dwarves, between the cleaning room and the toilet, there is a computer with Internet access. To the left of me, the “cute subnotebook” is open and I am copying the following from its screen.

(You can read what was copied in the original post.)

Unfortunately, more entries aren’t possible; among the 15 or so pensioner travel groups in this hotel, there is more than one who wants to use the only internet access. Let’s see if something happens tomorrow morning at six.

(die Kaltmamsell)

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