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Technology Diary — September 10, 2023

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Technology Diary — September 10, 2023

This feature should perhaps be revised or removed completely in the next product update

We take taxis twice in one evening, both times with a large taxi, each with a Mercedes minibus.

Both times when I got in I noticed that the sliding door on the inside of the passenger side had a large “automatic door” sticker on it. And the door actually slides open without us doing anything.

Both times, however, the handle on the outside of the door was covered with several strips of black duct tape in such a way that we had no chance of using it.


I only managed to take this photo a few days later. Not all taxis of this model look like this, but there are definitely several of them.

I vaguely remember a taxi driver shouting to me that passengers should please keep their hands away from this door. This may even go back to the time of the Berl King. As with various other automatic doors, the mechanism does not seem to work well with human interaction, especially when both are pointing in opposite directions.

I suspect that the black tape serves to prevent human intervention altogether. Or maybe it just keeps the already broken door handles in place. Maybe next time I’ll remember to ask a taxi driver about it.


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