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Tesla easily pulls off all other electric cars

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Tesla easily pulls off all other electric cars

The race for the fastest series-produced e-car has again been decided – or open, depending on which direction you look at it from. Tesla reclaimed the record for the Model S, putting Porsche in its place. But the next attack is sure to come.

Tesla in 1st place: Model S becomes the fastest electric car on the Nürburgring

The Nürburgring has a new electric king again: No electric car can currently cover the race track faster than that Model S by Tesla. In 7 minutes, 25 seconds and 23 hundredths the electric athlete has completed the approximately 20.8 km of the Nordschleife.

In doing so, Tesla regained victory in the Green Hell from its probably eternal competitor Porsche. Last had the Taycan Turbo S needed around 8 seconds longer – a real announcement from Tesla, which Porsche now has to catch up with.

The whole thing was made possible by the performance equipment of Tesla’s flagship: the Model S in the Plaid version equipped with additional track package. One of the most important features is the unlocked one Top speed of 322 km/h. This allows you to make up time on long straights.

The new set of carbon ceramic brake discs provides the necessary braking power to be able to pull the reins on the extra fast Tesla in good time. So that the special performance of the Model S Plaid also arrives on the road, the track package also includes tires suitable for racing. You can see how Tesla gets the record in the video above.

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After Tesla’s victory: would there have been more?

The Model S Plaid also features software specially tailored to the sporty driving style for improved stability at top speed and when cornering. The technical possible top speed of the Model S, as can be seen in the video, for the record on the Nordschleife not retrieved. For this reached just under 290 km/h.

With the record, Tesla regains track victory. A good 10 months earlier, Porsche had secured first place for the Taycan – and thus beat the track king at the time. That was also a Model S from Tesla. The two e-cars have been delivering for years ongoing race for victory among e-cars, who could also drive on German roads.

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