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Tesla, the company’s privacy violated in Germany …

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Tesla, the company’s privacy violated in Germany …

Tesla ends up in the crosshairs again for one leak Of datastarted from Germaniawhich points to the here on assisted driving.

What’s happened?

Basically a whistleblower viola the data privacy of customers, employees e business partners Tesla. All this material brings the thorn in the side of the American electric car manufacturer back into the spotlight: the assisted driving system.

Tesla, the data leak from Germany points the finger on assisted driving, official site

Tesla, the data leak that could cost Elon Musk dearly

To reveal the leak of the dataare approximately 100 gigabyte, is the German newspaper Handelsblatt. Among the sentences of the customers quoted we read: “My Autopilot almost killed me“.

Now the American automotive giant is already talking about a theft and legal action against the former suspected employee.

L’Autopilot Of Teslaboth the version level 2 that that Full self-driving (optional from 6 thousand and 15 thousand dollars). Both are targeted by authorities in the United States. At the end of April, the California trial closed, vindicating Tesla in a 2019 case.

Precisely the owner of the car lost because she used the assisted driving in the citywhat that Tesla invites you not to. However, the Autopilot and the FSD are under investigation by the US Department of Justice (since February) and recently the Secretary of Transportation has been very strict: according to Pete Buttigieg, the Austin company should not use the term Autopilot because its cars cannot drive themselves.

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Tesla, there has been a debate since 2016

The CEO Elon Musk, just a few weeks ago, relaunched about assisted driving. The next Tesla, it will work”almost entirely in autonomous mode“. At the end of April Li Yunfeispokesperson for BYDand Tesla’s number one rival, took a hard time saying: “We think that driving technology completely autonomous independent of humans is far, far away and practically impossible“.

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Then confirm that the risk Of accidents it’s tall. Now, the Autopilot controversy has been going on since 2016. At the time, Tesla produced a video of a Model X which the director of the Autopilot program later declared to be false. All this does not seem to have weighed on the success of the Austin company. In this regard, the comment by Gianluca DiLoretopartner of Bain & Company responsible for the Automotive practice in Italy: “Thebuying cars like Tesla is not rational. It is not the car with which I have to make the commute from home to work. It’s an iconic purchase. In addition to having a clear conscience, because the car has no emissions, the customer feels cool because he has a product that many others don’t have. It is not comparable to having a Ferrari but it is only beautiful because it is Tesla. How it works matters up to a certain point. And that the product keeps all its promises is a detail that comes later”.

Tesla data leak from Germany points the finger to assisted driving official website source
Tesla, the data leak from Germany points the finger to assisted driving, source official website

Despite everything, sales for Tesla are flying

As long as you talk about it? No, the data are the ones that put a full stop in the case of Tesla. If last year in Bag the title lost 65% dai end-2021 highs essentially for the assault of Musk a Twitter. Now, in 2023 is up 77%, despite Musk’s announcement to sacrifice margins to push volumes.

Numbers in hand, Tesla is worth less than half of the historic top a $1.2 trillionbut the current 600 billion are still ten times i 69 billion of the Volkswagen Group e 5 volte the capitalization of Porsche.

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While for the sales the historical trend shows exponential growth. Especially the model ModelY was the world number one in first quarter 2023, first battery car ever. Not only in the first three months was the record of 423 thousand (+36% year on year) even if the increase on months previous it was alone 4%with excess production. Despite the revolution in price cuts, which have also pushed Model Y to the top.


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