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Testing the solar reversing camera: wireless parking aid from Lescars for large vehicles

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Testing the solar reversing camera: wireless parking aid from Lescars for large vehicles

In addition to the function of a wireless reversing camera, the set offers another security camera for monitoring. Possible scenarios for this would be placing it inside a horse trailer to keep an eye on the animals during transport. The Lescars solar wireless rear view camera PA-610 with extension camera is useful for large vehicles such as mobile homes, trucks, vans, construction machinery or even in boats. Thanks to the wireless installation and battery operation, the set can be put into operation quickly and without much effort. The battery is charged with solar or via a USB connection.

Reversing camera and security camera in one solution

Thanks to the second camera and the fairly high performance of the batteries (which make the cameras heavy), the close-up area can be monitored when parking the camper van. The image is transmitted wirelessly at 2.4 GHz. The cameras also show guidelines for parking on the display, but do not offer an acoustic signal because there are no sensors for this.

The monitor is attached to the dashboard with a flexible adhesive mount, beforehand the camera itself is screwed to the mount. The monitor is powered via the cigarette lighter. The cable is very long, making it easy to find a free connection in the vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no USB-C port to power the device. However, there is another USB port on the plug for the power supply so that other devices can also be supplied with power.

There is also an on/off switch on the plug. Retrofitting is therefore very easy and can also be done without drilling or laying cables. It is only necessary to supply the monitor with power by cable, the other devices are supplied with energy by rechargeable batteries and send the signal to the monitor by radio. This means that even large vehicles can be retrofitted without cameras, such as trailers that are not easy to see. It can also be used in trucks, mobile homes, minivans, delivery vans or when using caravans. The monitor can be powered by 12 volts and 24 volts.

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The camera’s monitor makes a fairly stable impression, but it doesn’t look particularly high-quality. The buttons react well and the monitor is sufficiently large with a size of 7 inches. The cameras are relatively large (9.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm) and quite heavy at 430 grams. This is mainly due to the battery, which has to supply the camera with energy for a sufficiently long time. The two cameras can be swiveled up and down manually so that the camera image can be adjusted flexibly even in tall vehicles. Both cameras have a viewing angle of 90° (±5°), vertical: 50° (±5°)

The color monitor offers a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD 1080p). The dimensions of the monitor are 19 cm x 11.5 cm. Since the monitor is powered by the cigarette lighter, it is quite light as it does not require a battery. The approximately 9 cm long antennas of the monitor and the cameras are not very attractive. Sure, an antenna is necessary, but it could be positioned a little more inconspicuously or be in the device.

The screen has anti-glare protection so that the monitor can also be used in relatively strong sunlight. It can also be used at night as the cameras offer night vision supported by two infrared LEDs.


The scope of delivery includes the monitor for the passenger compartment, two cameras, a cable for connecting the monitor to the cigarette lighter and various brackets for attaching the cameras. The solar panel for the supplied camera is connected via mini-USB and can be attached to the vehicle with an adhesive mount.

The monitor draws power from a cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter. The connector has a Type-A USB slot, to which other devices can also be connected in parallel, and an integrated on/off switch for the monitor. Also included is the adhesive holder, which holds firmly and is screwed to the monitor.

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The data is transmitted wirelessly, there are no cables between the camera and the monitor. The power supply for the cameras runs independently from the vehicle via an integrated battery. Charging via USB cable is also possible. Except for the cigarette lighter power cable, no device needs to be connected to the vehicle in any way with cables. However, this in turn excludes the display of the image on the vehicle monitor. The camera image can only be displayed on the supplied monitor.

Commissioning and operation

It is operated using buttons on the edge of the monitor. As soon as the monitor is switched on, it establishes a connection to the camera. No complicated settings are necessary at this point. When the monitor starts, real-time data transfer begins. In order to connect additional cameras and control them with the various channels of the monitor, the “Pair” menu item is available in the monitor menu.

The menu integrated into the screen allows various settings, but the operation takes a little getting used to. A touchscreen would be better, but that would probably increase the price. The charge status of the battery of the respective camera can also be seen on the monitor. The battery can be charged directly via a USB cable if the vehicle is parked in the garage for a long time, for example via a power bank (guide).

The cameras have a holder that can be attached to the vehicle with four screws. The camera is then mounted on the bracket. The cameras have a weatherproof housing according to IP67 and can withstand an operating temperature of -20 to 65° Celsius. The cameras’ lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 6600 mAh and can therefore be in operation for several weeks or even months, even without power supply from the solar panel.

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picture quality

With a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD 1080p), the resolution is absolutely fine and shows everything with sufficient sharpness. But the image quality is not really breathtaking. The brightness adjusts automatically and the guides are also easy to see. In addition, the images from both cameras can be displayed simultaneously via split screen, although the image from the individual cameras is then displayed somewhat smaller because the monitor does not stretch the image. The parking guides can be shown and hidden via the menu.


The set costs around 340 euros on Amazon with two cameras or around 270 euros with just one camera.


The Lescars solar wireless rear view camera PA-610 is easy to install and is particularly suitable for large vehicles such as mobile homes, vans, trucks or trailers. The setup is completed quickly and the benefit is great if no camera and sensors are installed in the vehicle. Everything runs via radio and solar. If the sun’s rays are not sufficient, you can charge the camera using the USB cable provided.

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