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TGS “Dragon Among People” series of interviews, Yokoyama: It’s cool to publish three works in one breath! | 4Gamers

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TGS “Dragon Among People” series of interviews, Yokoyama: It’s cool to publish three works in one breath!  | 4Gamers

After Tokyo Game Show 2022, which game are you looking forward to in the Dragon among Men series? Yokoyama Masayoshi, the general director of the Dragon in the People Studio, and Sakamoto Hiroyuki, the series director, sat down during the exhibition to talk about the recent development.

It has been nearly a year since October 8, 2021. The Dragon in Human Studio has completed the new system layout. On the eve of the Tokyo Game Show, it has successively released “Dragon in Human 8”, “Dragon in Human 7: The Legend of Heroes Unknown”, “Renewal of the Dragon among Humans! Extreme” three games.

Dragon among people studio, the new system status

From the producer to the commander-in-chief of the entire studio; now the director of “Renewal Pole” is actually Mr. Sakamoto, and the original producer, Mr. Yokoyama, will control the development process.

The reason for publishing 3 works in one go?because handsome

Yokoyama Masayoshi said, “Because I wanted everyone to feel that it was amazing, I released the three works together.” Pole was developed a long time ago and is now nearing completion.

When the new studio system was announced last year, everything was still under development. If it was just saying that there was no problem at the time, I was afraid that it would make players worry. I took the consideration of choosing the best time to announce it. Considering development considerations, it will be released together with the demo version. , one of the best ways to convince players.


Why “Renewal in People!” Extreme” is not “See Reference”

Yokoyama Changyi responded, in “Dragon in the People’s Restoration! Before the release of “Extreme”, no one actually cared about this matter, but after “Renewal Pole” was released, everyone suddenly started to care, and even the development team was shocked by this matter.

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The main reason is that the “Dragon in Man” series has been truly localized to the world since 0. It has been widely loved by everyone until 6 and 7, and it has received the most voices hoping to restore and remake.


“Renewal of the Dragon among Humans!change

Compared with “Dragon Among People” and “Dragon Among People 2 Pole”, there are more stories about Jinshan and Zhendao, this time “Renewal! Extreme” is to strengthen mini-games, side stories, additional actors, and some characters.

“reform! “The growth elements and martial arts at that time were well received by players; therefore, in “Renovation! Pole” strengthens and completes the fusion.

“reform! Extreme” found some new casts, not really “adding content”, but replacing some actors with new ones. In addition, the sexy actress of the trailer will be in a new video of the new song in karaoke.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 13.07.59

“reform! Why is there no Switch version?

Because the performance of the Switch cannot meet expectations, the quality of the game is more important at present.

Kasuga Ichiban is not in “Dragon Among Men Restoration!”The reason for the extreme

In fact, Kasuga Ichiban appeared in the confrontation card; however, Yokoyama Changyi revealed the tangled thoughts of the development team.

The main reason is that Izo Okada and Kasuga Ichiban are the same actor, and if Kasuga Ichiban is added, it will make people feel similar. In order to make Okada seem more important, it is not included.

When asked if there is a chance for Kasuga Ichiban to appear in a period drama, Yokoyama Masagi bluntly said that he had no time to think about it before the release of “Dragon Among Men 8”!

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In the “Dragon Among Men 0 The Place of the Oath”, the Chinese version was targeted, and Hong Kong star Li Cansen was also invited to play “Old Ghost”. Is there a similar strategy in the future? Yokoyama Masayoshi believes that the current tendency is to release it simultaneously, and it is difficult to make a difference for a certain version. However, considering the game characters, as long as there is a need to speak other languages, actors outside Japan will still be considered.


Is there a mystery? The meaning of adding English to the logo of “Dragon Among People 8”

The main consideration is “a logo that can be easily understood regardless of the region”. Yokoyama Changyi added that he has always wanted to unify the brand awareness and convey it to everyone, and “Dragon Among People 8” hopes to do the same.

The “8” in “Dragon Among Men 8” was an infinite symbol at the beginning?

Because he was interested in the “∞” that appeared in the first promotional film of “Dragon Among People 8”, but Yokoyama Masahiro answered directly: Because it will involve some things that the development team has not yet determined. Can’t explain much.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 13.06.37

The main reason why “Dragon Among Men 7: A Biography” does not appear in “Dragon Among Men 8”

Kiryu’s appearance in “Dragon Among Men 8” was because of the plot. “Dragon Among Men 7 Gaiden” is independent because the background is too long, and it feels a little difficult to join in one breath. The independent “Dragon Among Men 7 Gaiden” is the development team thinks that it is the easiest and the most complete way to complete the content.

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Will Dragon Among Us 8 be an action RPG or a traditional RPG?

Because of the “action RPG vs traditional RPG” war caused by “Dragon in the Man 7”, Yokoyama Masahiro believes that the development team will not change their minds because of players’ preferences, because the development considerations arePlayers want to play games like thisthe decision of the development team isChoose the game the player wants to play

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 13.08.12

“Dragon Among Men 7 Gaiden” is lighter in weight and cheaper!

Because “lightweight” was mentioned at the press conference, Yokoyama Masayoshi bluntly stated, “The amount of content and the price are all lightweight!

Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 13.07.36

A word to Taiwanese players

Yokoyama Masahiro:Now the works are all striving to be released at the same time, so that Taiwanese players will not feel that Japan is the first. I hope you will continue to pay attention to all the works and support them a lot.

Hiroyuki Sakamoto:This time, 3 works were released at the new work presentation, and “Dragon in the Human” was provided at the Tokyo Game Show 2022! Trial of Extreme. For new and old players, the development team believes that this is a work that can be experienced well, and it is also a good work that the development team can give fans, so stay tuned.

RGG SUMMIT 2022 / Dragon in the Human Studio’s new work presentation VOD

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