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TGS “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” real machine demo, “standing the flag” is fundamental and “morale” is very important | 4Gamers

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TGS “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” real machine demo, “standing the flag” is fundamental and “morale” is very important | 4Gamers

Koei Tecmo’s completely new IP “Wo Long Fallen Dynasty” (Wo Long Fallen Dynasty) released a free trial version during the Tokyo Game Show 2022 today (17th). Take a quick look at this dark action game from Team Ninja.

“Wolong: Heaven Falls” PS5, Xbox Series X|S demo version from September 16th to 26th 14:59 (PS Store download link) (Microsoft Store download link). The customs clearance feature can get the in-game item “Wolong Pocket Sun”, which can be used in the official version.

The teaching shared by the official has been made public, and Taiwan Guangrong Tecmo will also hold an experience version sharing and award-giving activities for your own reference.

The scope of the trial version of the trial version includes part of pinching horns, equipment, ability growth, thaumaturgy (skills), divine beasts, and the “morale” necessary for combat; the end of the trial is Zhang Liang, the “artificial general” who defeated the Yellow Turban thief, length It can be resolved in about 1 hour.

Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911203104

Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911202817 Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911202827

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the situation was chaotic, and even the era became super short. The time axis starts at Guanghe Seven Years, which is the third year of Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and lasts for a total of 7 years.

In the seventh year of Guanghe, Ganzhijiazi, the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out in this year. However, the Yellow Turban thief had just called the year of Jiazi, not only did not have a good fortune in the world, but instead let himself be wiped out in the spring of the next year.

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Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911204616

“Morale” is an extremely important concept in this game; similar to dynamic levels, any death or being attacked by the enemy’s red light will be weakened. Adjustment of status. Do more than one thing.

Because the editor is super hard at the “Niwang” system, this trial version is more difficult than “Niwang”. Almost as long as you dodge and resolve successfully, ordinary trash fish and small bosses have almost no troubles.

It is recommended here that the “morale” level should not be worse than the enemy’s level by more than 3. Basically, as long as you are not surrounded and beaten, it should not be too difficult to die. You can refer to always clear the distance attack first and then solve the melee combat.

Incidentally, no wonder it can only be beaten to death, it is also possible to fall to death… No matter how big it is, it can be thrown and watched anyway if it can fall to death (huh).

“Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” attaches great importance to the player’s sense of achievement in the task, such as “capture the flag and fall into battle” when the flag is successfully set up (?) “A crushing defeat”…

I have to say that when I was killed in a row, I vomited blood when I saw “a crushing defeat”.

Although a hero is a hero, one man is in charge, but the attack from behind is more effective with less effort.

Take a level as an example, when the “morale” is not high in the initial stage, a roundabout attack from behind is more suitable for hard or cautious players than a head-to-head confrontation. Including the use of poor terrain to easily succeed, the trial version’s judgment on sneak attacks is considered to be tolerant, as long as you grasp slowly and move forward, you can almost succeed in assassination.

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Although Zhangliang Cave is sinister, but trying to improve morale and sending orders to Zhao Yun to help out, it should be possible to make five or five waves. If you connect to the Internet and invite friends or other helpers to form a team of 3, you will not be able to successfully break the level. difficult.

During the period of cooperation between the two, including the generals who sent orders, they can pull each other when they are out of blood. Zhang Liang has a total of 2 stages. After the first stage is completed, there will be a record point in the middle. If you fail, you can continue from the second stage.

Like many experience versions, the development team hopes to further optimize the new game by collecting player reactions this time.

Taking the experience version of “Wolong: Fall of Heaven” as an example, it is known that there are many skills and values ​​for players to ponder, but in actual play, it is found that there are still many values, counterattacks, and skills that need to be further strengthened. Everyone is more aware of the differences in different skills and attributes.

At the same time, according to the current known information, “Wolong: The Fall of the Sky” is still biased towards “a different expression of Niwang”. It is expected that after the end of this trial version, the development team will come up with more dishes to let players do their best. Enjoy the thrill of going from a small soldier to becoming the hegemon of a side.

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Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911213908

Wo Long_ Fallen Dynasty trial version_20220911231240

One last one for everyone.


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