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The 5 best dash cams for drivers in comparison

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The 5 best dash cams for drivers in comparison

By TECHBOOK | September 30, 2023, 10:06 am

A dashcam in the car provides security. In case of doubt, the camera can even ensure that the question of guilt is clarified after an accident. But it also helps in confusing parking situations. TECHBOOK shows which dashcam models are worth it.

Installing a dashcam in a car is allowed in Germany – and it can definitely make sense. Not just in the event of an accident, but also for improving your own driving style and analyzing dangerous situations. A dashcam for drivers also ensures a greater feeling of safety when driving, because if something does happen, there will be evidence. But which models are suitable for German road traffic and offer useful functions? TECHBOOK shows what is legally permitted and which dashcams perform well in comparison.

This is what makes a good dash cam

A mini camera in the car increases the feeling of security while driving and can provide important information if something happens while driving. It is important that the camera offers good image quality, clever functions for detecting accidents and, ideally, integrated GPS tracking that records the speed and position of the car. In terms of price, dash cams come in different categories – usually the higher the price, the higher the image quality. Which dashcam is best suited to your needs depends largely on the application situation. That’s why it’s important to think about the desired use in advance.

This is legally permitted

On the one hand, some car insurance companies offer discounts if you install a dashcam in your car, but on the other hand, the law restricts their application. In Germany, for example, permanent filming and, in particular, saving recordings is prohibited for data protection reasons. However, there are now many clever dash cams that detect accidents and save the clips and automatically delete other recordings on a regular basis. This means that as a user you are legally on the safe side.

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Important: You can find a number of dashcam videos online with funny or even dangerous clips. Anyone who publishes such a video without the consent of the people in it can get into trouble. It is safer to delete all material.

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The 5 best dash cams for drivers in comparison

Whether test winner, price-performance favorite or inexpensive model: Dashcams for drivers are available for every car and for every purpose. TECHBOOK presents the five most popular models.

Kenwood DRV-830

The dashcam from Kenwood is a true all-rounder: The self-sufficient Kenwood DRV-830 offers very high recording quality with good contrasts. It also has reliable event detection through the G-sensor and automatically saves the recordings before and after an accident or impact. The GPS recording records both speed and position.

The included bracket allows for unobtrusive yet easy installation on the windshield, but is a bit wobbly compared to the competition. The additional functions such as the lane departure warning and the distance warning are positive. Overall, the Kenwood dashcam is a very good investment at an acceptable price.


good image quality, reliable measurement of speed and position from the GPS, integrated microphone, practical driving assistance system


no German software, slightly wobbly mount

Motorola MDC 100

A model from the lower price category is also impressive in this selection: the Motorola MDC 100 dashcam. It offers full HD recordings and also has a handy 2.7-inch monitor for quick viewing. A G-sensor ensures reliable motion detection. Depending on your needs, loop recordings lasting between one and ten minutes are created with a time and date stamp.

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The dash cam also offers an SOS button for emergencies – this way the current loop is saved. A special feature that has been praised by many users are the two LEDs, which enable good night shots. But there’s also a catch: the Motorola dash cam doesn’t have GPS tracking. However, this model is highly recommended for areas of application in which it is not needed.


very inexpensive, solid night vision, good parking monitoring, battery operation possible


no GPS tracking microSD not included Image quality could be better

Transcend DrivePro 620 Dashcam

With the DrivePro 620 dashcam from Transcend, the front and rear cameras are combined in one product and are therefore perfectly coordinated with each other. With a high resolution in HD quality and 60 frames per second, the recordings are clear and smooth. The recording performance is sharp enough even in dim light, such as in a parking garage or at dusk and at night, to be able to clearly see what has happened.


Front and rear cameras automatically synchronize good images even in poor lighting conditions additional security features receive GPS/GLONASS built-in battery


Settings are not always applied immediately

Transcend DrivePro 230Q

This Transcend model is also impressive – but is significantly cheaper to purchase. The front camera of the Transcend DrivePro 230Q delivers sharp images and replaces an eyewitness in an emergency thanks to its good image quality. Even in poor lighting conditions, drivers can rely on the model’s images in the event of damage. The only thing Transcend’s dashcam doesn’t offer is a night mode – and if you have particularly high demands on image quality, you might want to spend a little more.


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High level of data protection Retrieval of GPS coordinates Emergency recording mode Snapshot function for taking additional images Built-in battery


Operation within the app is not always comfortable, no night mode, image quality could be better

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Garmin Dashcam 57

The Gamin Dashcam 56 records either automatically, at the push of a button or after voice activation and is very inconspicuous thanks to its compact design. Thanks to the magnetic holder, it can also be easily attached to other vehicles. Wi-Fi connectivity allows updates and synchronization of multiple cameras with each other. Users can also easily control the camera functions in the Garmin Drive app. The resolution and frame rate leave little to be desired and the additional functions are definitely helpful in traffic.


Wide-angle recordings Improved image quality, especially at night G-sensor detects accidents Model offers advanced safety functions such as collision warning, drive off alarm and lane departure warning Mobile use possible thanks to battery Control via voice assistant Compatible with the Garmin Drive app


gets warm relatively quickly

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The best dash cams for drivers

If you only want to protect yourself in an emergency or want to start with an inexpensive dash cam, the Motorola model is a good choice. Resolution and image quality are okay, but visibly lower than the higher-priced models – such as the Transcend DrivePro 620 or the Garmin Dashcam 57. In addition to the Garmin dashcam, the Kenwood DRV-830 also offers many extra functions that are useful when driving and parking can be supported.

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