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The AI ​​boom doesn’t stop at WhatsApp either

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The AI ​​boom doesn’t stop at WhatsApp either

The AI ​​boom has now found its way to Meta’s messaging service WhatsApp. In the future, WhatsApp will probably also want to integrate a chatbot into their app.

Meta is testing its Meta AI chatbot with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger users in India and parts of Africa to expand its AI services. Meta wants to use the large number of users of its apps to expand its AI offering. The company would now like to follow suit in order to get involved in the current AI boom.

Meta jumps on the AI ​​bandwagon

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently presented his AI chatbot. Among other things, Meta AI can answer user queries directly in chats and generate photorealistic images from text input. In the future, for example, you can simply ask the chatbot what the weather will be like or what you should wear accordingly. The AI ​​chatbot will initially be tested in India. This is intended to cover an important market with over 500 million Facebook and WhatsApp users.

Until now, Meta had been very reserved when it came to the topic of AI. Due to the ever-increasing hype surrounding artificial intelligence, Meta is now getting on board. Now the company is pushing ahead with its AI strategy for three reasons: to strengthen user loyalty, to gain investor trust, and for its own pride. By integrating Meta AI into WhatsApp and Instagram, Meta can bring its advanced language model and image generation capabilities to a large audience. Meta also plans to release Llama 3, the next version of its open source language model, in the next few weeks. It is not yet clear when the chatbot will come to Europe or Germany.

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