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The best accessories for the Playstation 5: mounts, hubs & cooling for the PS5

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The best accessories for the Playstation 5: mounts, hubs & cooling for the PS5

The Playstation 5 is finally available everywhere and at manageable prices from 450 euros (guide) and is ending up in more and more living rooms. While the console comes well-equipped out of the box, the right accessories can improve the PS5’s looks, cooling and ease of use.

This guide is part of our console theme world, where we take a closer look at the Playstation 5 as well as the Nintendo Switch & Co.

The stand included in the scope of delivery of the Playstation 5 only allows a standing position and is also rather moderately chic. If you prefer to position your console horizontally or present it conspicuously, you need a different solution. This also applies if the Playstation is to be placed on a wall or inconspicuously under a tabletop. There are also suitable solutions for those who want to store accessories such as headphones and controllers sensibly and charge them more conveniently.

While the simple stands and brackets only provide a secure stand, the better equipped models offer additional ones lighting, ventilation, USB-Ports or space for games, Controller and or headphones. In addition to various variants with and without these extras, we also show alternative solutions for retrofitting cooling or USB ports without a bracket. This allows you to customize the PS5 and protect it against dust.

If you want to set up your PS5 vertically in portrait format, you should only consider stand variants with a security screw for attachment to the console. Although the PS5 is quite stable due to its high weight, it is still very easy to ensure more security. An example of this is the very simple plastic stand from Gamer Gear for around 15 euros. This replaces the original stand, can be tightened with the original locking screw. The main difference to the original is the significantly narrower design.

If you primarily want to present the console in a nicer light, you can use the PS5 stand with RGB lighting, ventilation and additional RGBs for the Playstation fans. The set consisting of remote control, RGB ring and stand with small fans is available from Zerotop on Amazon for 33 euros. Aside from the fact that we’re personally not a big fan of blinking, distracting RGBs, another problem comes to the fore here: the console’s limited number of free USB ports. Since additional fans or lighting occupy a USB port, this is missing for additional accessories.

Stands with an integrated USB hub are therefore better. Although these occupy a slot on the PS5, they also provide additional, more easily accessible USB ports. If you mainly need the connections to charge the controllers, you should grab a stand with an integrated charging station for the joysticks. But you should take a closer look here. In addition to simple charging pods embedded in the stand with a protruding USB-C connector, there are also variants with a magnetic USB connector. With the stands from Goshyda for 45 euros or the variant from Ruyuueq for 25 euros, the controllers have to be plugged exactly into the USB port each time.

With our mount from Mcbazel for 29 euros or the variant from Aleemtry for around 40 euros, small magnetic contact surfaces are integrated in the controller charging shells instead. If these come into contact with the included USB-C adapter in the controller, the charging process begins without any fiddling and without using the USB socket. Inserting the controller is much faster and more convenient here. In addition, a multi-level ventilation and three to four USB ports are available. Aleemtry’s model also has room for the PS5’s media remote control.

If you need additional space for PS5 game cases, headphones and a Move controller, you should take a look at the Benazcap variant for around 55 euros. In addition to ventilation and additional USB ports, the controllers can also be loaded without fiddling. Instead of USB-C, the contacts on the underside of the controller are used. Hang up and done.

But there is not always enough space to stand the console upright. If the PS5 is to be positioned lying in the old TV box, for example, you need a horizontal bracket. You could lay the console down, but that scratches the case, impairs the ventilation behavior and is not stable due to the curved shape. Better here are the simple attachable plastic brackets, which are available from Mcbazel for around 13 euros. These ensure a secure footing and sufficient air flow. However, they do not offer any additional comfort. We would therefore invest a little more and go for the variant with an integrated USB hub. Although this occupies a USB-A port on the back, it offers four additional sockets, which are then easily accessible on the front. The Ipega model that we use privately can be found on Amazon under the name Meneea for 23 euros.

If you can’t decide whether the console should lie down or stand up in the medium term, you should take a look at the Kytok stand for 26 euros. There is no additional USB hub available here, but the base with integrated fan works both vertically and horizontally.

But what if the PS5 should disappear hanging behind the TV? There are also suitable solutions for this in the form of wall brackets. Important when mounting on the wall: The bracket must be sufficiently stable! We would generally stay away from solutions made of plastic and variants without a locking screw. The metal bracket from Sciuu for 27 euros is very chic and yet stable.

If only the controllers are to be attached to the wall, there are wall brackets in a double pack from around 11 euros. However, these particularly inexpensive brackets are often only glued in place, which is only moderately stable. Brackets that are screwed on are better. The Ulroad double pack is available from around 12 euros.

If you are satisfied with the original base, you can alternatively use attachable fans and USB hubs for the PS5. Fans for better cooling are between 10 and 25 euros. These additional fans also draw power from one of the console’s USB ports. If you depend on the slots, you should opt for external fans with an additional USB port. An example of this is the Aleemtry model X235 for 20 euros.

If you don’t want the console to get dusty, simple slip-on covers starting at around 9 euros will help. These are available for both horizontal and vertical consoles made of foil, neoprene or felt. The chic acrylic housings, such as those available on Aliexpress from 35 euros, are more stylish and durable. Protective grilles and rubber covers for the PS5 promise unobtrusive dust protection. These are available from Yuyan, for example, from 21 euros.

If you buy a Playstation 5 and are looking for a bracket, you should consider in advance what exactly it has to do. Should the console stand or lie? Is additional ventilation or lighting required? Should there be space for accessories in addition to the console?

Basically, we would make sure that the PS5 can be secured with a locking screw on wall mounts and vertical stands. Lighting and additional fans should always be able to be regulated and switched off so as not to interfere with streaming via Ps5, for example.

It was important for us to be able to position the Playstation 5 lying down and to have enough USB slots on the front, since we play 3D shooters with a mouse and keyboard, for example. Instead of a large charging station with charging cradle, we use inexpensive magnetic USB cables to charge the controller and headphones (guide).

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