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The best alternatives without ads

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The best alternatives without ads

The ad-free YouTube app called “YouTube Vanced” is no longer officially available for download. Here are the best alternatives we could find.

YouTube Vanced: THE best alternative is NewPipe

NewPipe is a YouTube client for Android smartphones and a very good YouTube Vanced alternative. Unfortunately, an important function that is probably important for many is missing.

No registration with your own YouTube account (no synchronization) Channels can only be subscribed to within the app Max. 3x speed for videosAd blocker cannot be deactivated (if you want to support channels)Adjustable resolution for videos (for lower data consumption)Comments can be read but not writtenGesture control for volume/brightnessImport of existing YouTube subscriptionsOpen source & slim (8 MB)

The app also doesn’t display ads, supports background and picture-in-picture playback, and can download YouTube videos or just the accompanying audio track. In addition, if necessary, videos can be played 3 times faster or rewinded or forwarded every 10 seconds by double-tapping on the edge of the screen. There is also gesture control for volume and brightness.

Unfortunately, you cannot log in with your YouTube account. However, you can still subscribe to channels, import channel subscriptions from your YouTube account or add videos to playlists. However, NewPipe does not synchronize the subscriptions and playlists with the actual YouTube channel because there is no comparison between them.

NewPipe is a very good alternative for “YouTube Vanced”. (Image source: GIGA)

The NewPipe interface can be customized to suit your own needs. In our example, the tab with current videos from the subscriptions is first displayed, then comes the watch later playlist, followed by the overview of all playlists. The video history is displayed as the fourth tab. The fifth tab shows all subscribed channel names, where they are managed.


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So if you can forego commenting and synchronizing with your own YouTube channel in NewPipe, you will get a slim YouTube app without advertising and with practical functions.


NewPipe can be downloaded either from the alternative app store F-Droid or as an APK file from the website apkmirror.com. Here we show you how to install APK files yourself. You can also find apps with a similar name in the “Google Play Store”, but this is not the original NewPipe app.

Grayjay as a second alternative for “YouTube Vanced”

Grayjay is a very good alternative to “YouTube Vanced”, which was co-developed by tech YouTuber Louis Rossmann. It does everything the YouTube app can do, just without ads and with more features. You can also use it to comment if you are logged in:

Customization of the user interface (selection of displayed tabs such as: Playlists, Home View, History, Downloads. Simultaneous display of videos from other platforms such as: Rumble, Odysee, PearTube, SoundCloud, Patreon and Twitch (some are in beta phase).Second Alternative comment section called “Polycentric”, which is only visible to users of the Grayjay app.Profile creation and management.Adjustable resolution for videos (for lower data consumption)Gesture control for volume/brightness.Import/Export function for settings.


The app can be use for freebut has an integrated payment function under “More“ > „Kaufen“. So if you like the app, you can thank the developers by paying. Grayjay is available in the Google Play Store for Android:

SkyTube as a third alternative for “YouTube Vanced”

SkyTube is not as good as NewPipe or Grayjay, but if you don’t want or can’t use NewPipe for some reason, we’ll list this as a second-best alternative. Basically, NewPipe does everything SkyTube can do better and more. SkyTube itself accesses the NewPipe interface by default. You can also see this in the very similar but reduced settings of the app. You can also download the app from the F-Droid app store.

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SkyTube is just a shadow of NewPipe. (Image source: GIGA)

As a third alternative, we recommend the original YouTube app due to the lack of good alternatives. If you know of a good alternative, please write it to us in the comments below the article.

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