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The big run is about to be lifted! “Salmon Run From Now” released for those of you who haven’t had salmon from Splatoon 3 yet! -funglr Games

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The big run is about to be lifted! “Salmon Run From Now” released for those of you who haven’t had salmon from Splatoon 3 yet!  -funglr Games

2022 Winter Chill Season ” will start on December 1, 2022 (Thursday). Nintendo Switch “Splatoon 3 》 has more and more time to play with new weapons and gear, new levels, “X-match” and new fun.The same goes for new weapons, butbalance adjustmentAfter that, I believe that many people have started to use different weapons from before. In a new season that adds new fun, salmon flock to squid habitat’big run“The phenomenon was also lifted.December 10, 2022 (Sat) 9:00 – December 12, 2022 (Mon) 9:00 Kumasan Shokai has informed us that it is expected thatwill beThe epidemic is imminent, this time againIntroduce “Salmon Run” and “Great Run”

Salmon is about to enter the territory battle stage!

big run
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“Winter 2022” will be canceled “big run“is a special phenomenon that is said to occur every few monthshordes of salmon rush onto the arena where they usually engage in turf wars and bancala competitions. . in order to get a lot of salmon roe and golden salmon roe in the big run, the Bear Mountain Chamber of Commerce is looking forA part-time job dedicated to “Big Run”.Having said that, the content of the part-time job is the same as the usual “salmon run”, it isDefeat Raging Salmon for Golden Salmon Roe.the goal isOnly deliver the quota amountInstead of being overwhelmed, everyone who works hard day and night can participate smoothly.

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Participate in part-time jobs during the big run, you can get 1.2 timesCatalog Pointsthe new season has the opportunity to obtain new directory rewards,The number of reward capsules that can be obtained is more than usual with Kumasan points. Also, from December, the reward equipment of “Salmon Run” is ” Pilot Met “, this is also a good opportunity to get a “Pilot Met” that suits your equipment power.

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High score update!  !
High score update! !
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Furthermore, during the “big run”,As long as you take part in a part-time job, you canget“Yokozuna” Kimonocollected in a single jobThe team with the most golden salmon roe scoresWillEarn rewards.Upgrade their kimonos based on the results. !and getbadge! Join a growing number of part-time jobs for rewards and high scores!

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Even friends who have never played games can take this opportunity to participate in part-time jobs!

Splatoon 3 has a lot to do with Nawabari Battle, Bankara Match, Hero Mode and Nawa Battlerso there must be manyHaven’t played “Salmon Run” yet . Can join the Bear Mountain Chamber of Commerce part-time,atmosphere is suspicious, I understand the feeling of being a little hard to get into.this timeThe “Big Run” that appears has the same basis as the “Salmon Run”, so just play “Salmon Run” and enjoy “Big Run” without a hitch! So, for those of you who haven’t played Salmon Run yet, an introductory video explaining the basics of Salmon Run has been released”starting salmonFish run”!

how was it?Do you know how the Xiong San Chamber of Commerce introduced it?“healthy”Do you work part-time?Um? ?According to achievementGive rewardtraining systemBe solid, come to the Bear Mountain Chamber of Commerce to play “Salmon Run” before the “big run” happens!What is the use of the golden salmon roe collected by Mr. Xiong?It’s a mystery. In addition, “Solve the Lucky Beast!” Splatoon also introduces Salmon Run, so stay tuned! Check out the Nintendo website for details!

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