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The Consumer Council evaluates the 19-model AirPods Max over-the-ear Bluetooth headset and recommends new models for the 2nd and 23rd years

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The Consumer Council evaluates the 19-model AirPods Max over-the-ear Bluetooth headset and recommends new models for the 2nd and 23rd years

AirPods Max ranks second among the 19 most popular models recommended by the Consumer Council for the latest head-worn Bluetooth headsets|Firstly, in-ear ANC Bluetooth headsets have become boring to wear, and secondly, Y2K dresses have been popular in recent years, and large headphones are also one of the items that can be worn and decorated One; more importantly, only head-mounted Bluetooth headsets can truly provide truly high-quality ANC noise reduction and sound insulation, allowing you to enjoy a music space without background noise on the street or in the car. Let’s take a look at the 5 latest recommendations for over-ear Bluetooth headsets in 2023.

Jiaying BB wears CP value selection|1More Sonoflow

ANC noise-cancelling headphones sell for 2 or 3,000 yuan at every turn. Jiaying BB is very simple and uses 1More Sonoflow with a super high CP value. The market price of this headset is not 700 Hong Kong dollars, but it has ANC noise-cancelling and EQ sound correction. , LDAC high-definition Bluetooth (need to cooperate with the corresponding android mobile phone) and other high-end functions,If you want to know more, you can click the link to view the 1More Sonoflow demo report.($699/Soundwave Audio)

Wearing $699 1More Sonoflow with Jiaying BB

Sony’s flagship model comes in new colors|Sony WH1000-XM5

Sony’s headphones are famous for their strong bass, and they also have their own well-designed mobile app, and the post-production rendering makes the sound more beautiful.andSony’s flagship headphone Sony WH1000-XM5 not only has improved timbre and noise reduction, but also has a cleaner line than the 4th generationand use a small body headband, which is better than other big headphones. No wonder people use it all over the street. If you are afraid of bumping into models, you can consider the new “Midnight Blue” color that has just been launched.($3,190 / Sony)

Midnight blue color Sony WH1000XM5 (photo by Zhong Shijie)

French craftsmanship infused into FOCAL Bathys

FOCAL Bathys ANC Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth headset is the first wireless headset with built-in DAC reduction capability under the French speaker brand FOCAL, dot perforated metal earshells with super-sized FOCAL logo LED breathing lights, plus leather earmuffs and headbands, the appearance is extremely high; in terms of sound, the level of FOCAL Barhys is also comparable to other machines of the same level, with a full sense of air and vocals , The level of musical instruments is clear and distinct. ($5,880/Soundwave Audio)

It is used to listen to Chen Lei’s “Scalable Love”. (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

British famous brand heavy metal|Bowers & Wilkins PX8

British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has been actively developing personal audio head-fi in recent years. A variety of in-ear Bluetooth earphones/headphones have successfully occupied a place in the high-end and expensive earphone market.The latest flagship headphone Bowers & Wilkins PX8 uses an all-metal body, beautiful cloth leather, beautiful unit, and finely crafted details; and the timbre is distinct and the bass is solid and clean. Putting on the earphones, you will understand that the thousands of mosquito models cannot match it.($5880)

B&W Px8 (photo by Zhong Shijie)

The most rock god|Marshall Monitor II ANC

It is mentioned at the beginning of the article that Y2K likes to wear Headphones for decoration, and the headphones Marshall Monitor II ANC of Marshall, a well-known British guitar manufacturer AMP,The 60th Anniversary Limited Diamond Jubilee Edition has a solid all-black appearance of Rock and a very good bass.($3299/Streetvalue)

Marshall Monitor II ANC Diamond Jubilee Edition (photo by Zhong Shijie)

Consumer Council’s 19 head-mounted wireless noise-cancelling earphones evaluation: the highest ranking and the lowest are also Sony headphones

At the same time, I watched the evaluation of 19 types of Over-Hear noise-cancelling wireless Bluetooth earphones published by the Consumer Council. Among the more than ten test earphone samples, the ones that ranked first and the bottom of the pack were all produced by Sony. Microsoft announced that it will no longer produce supporting roles. It turns out that the earphones it produces are actually far behind Apple’s AirPods Max, but no one uses them in the market. No wonder Microsoft will give up this market.

Sony occupies the highest and lowest seats at the same time|A total of 4 models are on the list

No. 19 Sony WH-CH710N

It can be said that it is a cheap version of WH-1000XM4. Although the timbre is not as good as that of the big players, it ranks at the lowest 19th, but pay attention to its noise reduction ability with 5 stars!
Price: $1,290 / Weight: 223g / Sounding unit diameter: 120mm / Noise cancellation function: Yes / NFC connection: Yes / Accessories: 3.5mm headphone cable / Warranty period: 1 year

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Consumer Council’s 19 head-worn wireless noise-cancelling earphones evaluation: performance specifications

Evaluation of the Consumer Council’s 19 wireless noise-canceling earphones: Timbre/noise-canceling evaluation results

The Consumer Council evaluates Bluetooth headsets. What are the test items?

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