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the controller that revolutionizes mobile gaming…

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the controller that revolutionizes mobile gaming…

Razer wants to turn iPhone 15, Android smartphones and small tablets into portable consoles with Razer Kishi Ultra. This controller USB-C it offers a gaming experience that Razer ensures is console-level, thanks to an ergonomic design and quality haptic feedback.

Razer Kishi Ultra: the controller that revolutionizes mobile gaming

Razer Kishi Ultra combines the power of a real console controller with the portability required by “on the go” gamers. Designed to deliver an authentic experience from console on iPhone 15, iPad Mini and Android tablets with 8 inch displayi, it seems very simple to use.

Thanks to the full-size grip and button layout, Kishi Ultra offers ergonomics and playability comparable to Razer’s console controllers. This design allows you to transform smartphones and small tablets into real portable consoles.

On the controller you will find an 8-way mecha-tactile directional pad, responsive ABXY buttons, console-sized Hall Effect triggers and stick with anti-friction rings and medical-grade TPSiV surface. There are also multifunction buttons L4 and R4, which you can program.

In addition to compatibility with mobile devices, Kishi Ultra offers a direct USB-C connection to low latency to PC or iPad, supporting haptic vibrations on PC and providing a 3.5mm audio experience. But when you use smartphones and tablets, the USB-C “island” design ensures compatibility with the most popular caseseliminating the need to remove them to play.

The free Razer Nexus app provides access to thousands of compatible titles on iOS and Android, allowing players to customize controls and easily record and share gameplay. Then there is the conical lighting RGB Razer Chroma. And then there’s Razer Sensa HD Haptics, which delivers stronger, more detailed multi-sensory gaming immersion than the vibrations of traditional console controllers.

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You can find more information and purchase the controllers on the official website at 169,99 euro. Alternatively, Razer Kishi V2 USB-C allows you to play with iPhone 15 and Android smartphones, as well as on PC and iPad. You can buy it for 119,99 euro.

Razer Kishi Ultra – USB-C Game Controller for iPhone,…Full-Size Fit for Phones and iPad Mini – Console Gaming Form Factor Meets Convenience…Professional-Grade Console Controls and Ergonomics on mobile – Dominate mobile gaming with performance and…Razer Sensa HD and Chroma RGB Haptics – Experience high-fidelity haptics that are louder, more detailed, and more…

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