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The coordination network between ITS and Cyber ​​Security is born

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The coordination network between ITS and Cyber ​​Security is born

“This agreement is one of the key commitments of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which sees specialized training as an absolute priority to ensure a solid digital transformation in our country through the creation of an adequate national workforce, made up of experts and young talents with technical skills. ITS and cybersecurity tools. The ITS tool represents the best response at a territorial level to ground the numbers of technicians needed by Italian companies and administrations to join the engineers and computer scientists produced by the national university system “: so Roberto Baldoni, general manager of the National Cybersecurity Agency presented the agreement just signed between the Ministry of Education, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Lombardy Region, the Liguria Region, the Puglia Region, the Umbria Region, the Minister for Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition, the Agency for National Cybersecurity (ACN ), Confindustria, National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, National Association of ITS, Leonardo-Civiltà delle Macchine Foundation.


Baldoni: “The Cybersecurity Agency will finance the young people who defend the country”

by Maurizio Molinari

Many players in the field to give a change to the development of a national ecosystem for the training of new digital skills, to support the enhancement of the best experiences, also in the Cloud Computing and Cyber ​​Security fields. At the same time supporting the training of highly specialized technologists, with the possibility of outlets at all levels, both in the Public Administration and in the private sector.

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The calendar

October is European Cybersecurity Month

by Arturo Di Corinto

“On the basis of the signed agreement – they explain to the Ministry – a national coordination network of the ITS Academies for the digital transition will be created, which will promote the development of training courses dedicated to the digitization and IT security of the processes of private companies and the Public Administration. The agreement will foster the creation of a community of good practices that will allow the ITS Academy Coordination Network for the digital transition to make use of qualified skills – experts and teachers from academia, businesses and professions – and training models and didactic “.

“This important agreement – declares the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi – it is part of the path to strengthen professionalising tertiary training that we started with the approval in Parliament of the ITS reform. A segment of excellence, which guarantees great job opportunities for female students and that this government wanted to strengthen with a new and solid regulatory framework and with the resources of the NRP. In recent weeks we have already restarted over 48 million destined to these realities for 2022/2023. With today’s agreement, we aim to train new professionals in the digital transition and Cyber ​​Security, concretely testifying that ITS are a reality capable of grasping the transformations and changes in the country’s economic and production system and of offering new opportunities for girls and boys “.

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