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the CrowdStrike Falcon Go revolution

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the CrowdStrike Falcon Go revolution

CrowdStrike revolutionizes cybersecurity in SMEs with the release of Falcon Go, technology based on artificial intelligence to block attacks and prevent data breaches quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, SMBs can implement a security solution to prevent modern cyber attacks that elude ineffective antivirus products.

The limitations of traditional antiviruses

In fact, traditional antiviruses used by SMEs are unable to limit the growing number of ransomware threats and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Falcon Go, built on CrowdStrike’s native Falcon AI platform, offers the best defense and recently recorded a 100% ransomware protection rating in SE Labs testing. It downloads and installs in seconds, allowing businesses to immediately protect their business and to block breaches, making cybersecurity easier for users of all technical levels.

A poorly protected market segment

Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer di CrowdStrike. “Cyber ​​attack and ransomware are words that no SMB should ever worry about, but the limitations of traditional antivirus products put these companies at risk. The damage caused often turns into events that can bring about the demise of a business by causing disruption activity, lawsuits and financial losses. Current cybersecurity solutions for SMBs leave this large market segment underserved and unprotected. Falcon Go is a game changer by offering AI-enhanced protection, a prosumer experience, and what every business needs: blocking threats.”

PMI e cybersecurity

The new version of Falcon Go guarantees a safe return on your investment. So the PMI they can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about cyber attacks. Falcon Go offers SMBs AI-powered cybersecurity services that enable:

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immediate implementation. A predefined configuration simplifies deployment, protection and immediate management of devices.
Security verification. A simple, unified home page instantly shows your device’s security rating, current threats, and how effective the product is at blocking attacks. Blocking of theft of data. Full visibility and control of USB media prevents accidental and intentional exfiltration of corporate data.

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