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the curious case has made the rounds of the web

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the curious case has made the rounds of the web

While the first rumors about Pixel Watch 2 turn the spotlight on the second generation of Mountain View wearables, the first model is ending up there for a decidedly not “virtuous” issue.

According to the growing reports on the net, in fact, the smartwatch in sauce Pixel would have an assembly problem that leads him to literally disassemble himself.

Fortunately, these would be quite isolated cases, but what is it about? Apparently, of a problem stemming from a particular liquid seal used by Google for assemble the caseback without screws of your device at the checkout. However, in some cases this glue would be detaching, among other things in an extremely clean way and without leaving any type of residue on the inside.

In addition to the post you find at the bottom, you can take a look at the subreddit dedicated to the topic, which also contains other feedback on this curious problem.

It is certainly not a first time since, as he recalls Ars Technica, also Fossil with its Gen6 had encountered a similar problem. Luckily, the Google’s answer it was faster than ever.

A company spokesman, in fact, explained that “we are aware that a limited number of users with Google Pixel Watch is having problems with the glass on the bottom of the watch. We are working to identify the source and fix the situation as soon as possible“.

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