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The Decline of Apple One: Is it Still Worth the Price?

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The Decline of Apple One: Is it Still Worth the Price?

Apple One is no longer worth it

In less than a year, Apple has raised the prices of its streaming services, making the Apple One subscription system less appealing to users. The recent price hike has led to questions about its value compared to the competition.

Apple One price hike

Apple has increased the prices of its streaming services, impacting the Apple One system that combines all Apple services into a single payment at a reduced price. The following products have seen their prices increase:

Apple TV+: Previously priced at €6.99 per month, it will now cost €9.99 per month.

Apple Arcade: Its monthly subscription fee has risen from €4.99 to €6.99.

Apple News+: The monthly cost has increased from €9.99 to €12.99.

Apple TV+ has experienced a significant price increase, going from €6.99 to €9.99 per month. This results in an additional expense of over €36 per year. The annual plan has also been affected, rising from 69 euros to 99 euros.

Apple TV+: a service in clear decline

Apple TV+ has faced criticism for its limited content catalog. While initially offering content in multiple languages, recent trends have seen the platform focusing primarily on English-language series and movies. Even popular documentaries like the ones about the pandemic and the Enfield poltergeist are only available in English, with no option for subtitles in other languages.

This decline in content quality, coupled with the price increase, raises doubts about the value of Apple TV+ and the Apple One bundle. Without comparable offerings to competitors like HBO or Disney, some users may question the worthiness of continuing to pay for these services.

Considering the combination of rising prices, lack of localized content, and inadequate offerings compared to competitors, it is understandable why many may find Apple One to be no longer worth it.

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