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the double-digit growth of 2022 and the 2023 business plan

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the double-digit growth of 2022 and the 2023 business plan

The important events and changes experienced by the economy in the last two years have made it clear that theproduction optimization in manufacturing both a strategic asset which must necessarily take into account all the variables external to its production process. Experiences and know-how that in Tecnest – company from Tavagnacco (UD) specialized in the supply of software and organizational solutions for production planning and management – were essential for double-digit growth in 2022 and for building the 2023 business plan with a long-term view.

The significant growth recorded last year, + 16% on turnover compared to 2021 with 70 employees, crowned i 35 years of company activityalso marked by the opening of the new headquarters in Bologna (in addition to those in Milan and Udine) and the resumption of the activity in the presence dedicated to disclosure of supply chain issues in collaboration with client companies and training institutions.

2023 is aimed at consolidating and increasing this positive trend, with the release on the market of Flexthe new suite of Supply Chain Management from Tecnest, enhanced and implemented to best respond to the needs of Industry 4.0 with special attention to artificial intelligence, pivot of a new ethical and innovative line of proposals for the manufacturing sector. The company took part in the Friulian delegation, led by Confindustria Udine, which took part in the Waicf in Cannes, the international trade fair dedicated to AI.

Planning production in an ever-changing economic context

“2022 was a year in which Tecnest had the ability to react positively to the new needs and demands of the market linked not only to the evolution of the factory, but also to the consequences triggered by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the international situation: in particular energy costs and the difficulty of finding raw materials” he explains Giorgio P. Apolloni, Sales Manager and partner of Tecnest. In this context, he continues, “knowing how to support businesses by building has been crucial a product offer and expertise in line with the needs of the moment. In this sense – continues Apolloni – in 2022 we released a new and enhanced version of the application dedicated to the world of production planning”.

The new frontier of Industry 5.0

“The new Tecnest software suite, which will be released this year – adds the manager – will be aligned with the new technologies essential to remain competitive and at the forefront of the market. In short, a sharper, smarter and more advanced eye on factory activities both on the planning and on the data collection part”.

The present and the future now look to theIndustry 5.0that is “that of the Human Factory, in which human-centricity, sustainability and resilience they substantiate the new technological revolution that amplifies the distinctive features of Industry 4.0 and confirms technology at the service of man”.

Invest in training consultants

An innovative path that Tecnest also tackles from within, thanks to a solid investment that the company has made in the training of its human resources, in collaboration with an important Bologna-based company specializing in Change Management.

“We dedicated ourselves to a course of Consultancy Excellence to increase our consultancy skills and respond to the needs of our interlocutors with extreme competence, with the aim of know how to drive better companies in the complex and vast world of Digital Transformation“, concludes Apolloni.

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