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The effective trick to clean the television screen and leave it like new

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The effective trick to clean the television screen and leave it like new

Preventing the television screen from getting stained is impossible. This is a common problem that is mainly due to the buildup of grease, dirt, and natural skin oils that get trapped on the surface of the screen.

Modern televisions typically have a glossy or semi-glossy surface, making finger marks easier to see, especially when light hits the screen. An uncomfortable situation for many, since it affects the user experience when watching a movie or series.

Removing those annoying marks can be seen as a simple task; However, it requires time and patience, because some of these can be difficult to remove. This not only happens with televisions, but also with other technological devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphones.

Proper cleaning of the TV screen prevents irreparable damage.

The right way to clean the TV screen

To do this, the Computer Hoy web portal explains what is the best trick to leave the television screen sparkling without a single stain.

You will need an empty and previously disinfected spray bottle, white vinegar for cleaning, distilled water, and a microfiber cloth.

Now, mix all the ingredients in equal portions. When you have it ready, you should spray the product from 20 centimeters away to avoid excesses. Then, with circular movements, spread the mixture over the entire screen of the device with the help of the microfiber cloth, ideal to avoid causing scratches or leaving worse marks.

Try not to use an excessive amount of product, once applied it will be fine to achieve optimal results.

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On the other hand, make sure that the vinegar you are going to use is for cleaning purposes, since using kitchen or apple vinegar will not have the same effect.

Tips to avoid stains on the TV screen

Also, a cool environment should be maintained so that dust and dirt do not accumulate on the screen of the device. In the same way, regular cleaning must be carried out so that the dirt does not adhere completely.

How do you know if the TV is about to stick out?

If the TV screen goes completely black and displays no images or sounds, this could be a sign of a serious fault in the main board or power supply. A TV with the screen flashing intermittently may be evidence damage to the backlight panel, cables, or control board.

When spots, lines or dots appear on the screen, this could be the result of burned out or damaged LED lights. This type of problem is usually irreparable. If the colors on the screen appear distorted or change unexpectedly, this would indicate a failure in the color control card.

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