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The effects of Fabio Fazio on Chiara Ferragni: the loss of followers does not stop. And people are starting to get tired

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The effects of Fabio Fazio on Chiara Ferragni: the loss of followers does not stop.  And people are starting to get tired

Just under 3 million viewers, almost 15% sharethe Nove in down streaming platform due to excess access: the participation of Chiara Ferragni on the Sunday 3 March episode of What’s the weather like was undoubtedly one of the most followed topics of the last week. On television, at least.

Online, and above all on social networks, things went a little differently and also not quite as one might imagine, as it shows l’analisi preparata da DeReva company specializing in digital strategy and communication (they helped us predict who would have won Sanremo 2024), a couple of days after the broadcast.

In-depth analysis Chiara Ferragni and the legend of fake followers: let’s clarify things by Emanuele Capone 17 January 2024 The peak of searches on Google shortly after the end of Fabio Fazio’s interview with Chiara Ferragni

Is Chiara Ferragni no longer a trend?

Looking at the numbers, people’s interest was not as explosive as the Auditel data would suggest: l’hashtag #ChiaraFerragni appeared in 18,960 posts on Twitter (below expectations), while it went better for #CTCF with 43,199 posts on Twitter, which however are a result that is already in the history of the program.

In the search trends on Google, as can be seen from the images on this page, there has been a peak between 9pm and 11pm, which however ran out during the evening (the interview was broadcast between 9.03pm and 9.29pm). More: Chiara Ferragni it didn’t appear in the top 20 searches on Google in Italy, nor on Sunday 3 March, where there was however What’s the weather like in third place, nor on Monday 4 March.

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Also on TikTok, where however the contents about her continue to be plentiful and work very well, Chiara Ferragni does not appear in the top 100 among the trends and hashtags of the last week. The feeling, according to DeRev analysts, is that the so-called hype about the transmission was supported above all by newspapers, whose articles dedicated to the evening were shared on social media (over 1700 times), generating 188,709 total interactions. And yet, it was mainly negative reactions: are Facebook81% were derisive (probably referring to the quotes from Ferragni reported in the titles of the articles), 9% anger and just 7% admiration.

The expert: “For Ferragni, a wasted opportunity”

In general, the conversations on social media after the interview a What’s the weather like were characterized by a so-called negative sentiment for 66% of cases; in particular, disapproval (46%), sadness (18.3%) and anger (15.8%) stand out. Admiration was expressed in just 14.5% of cases and joy in 3.3%.

Pretty similar situation on the other side, that is on the program front and Fabio Fazio: negative sentiment for 63%, of which 41.3% is represented by disapproval; then there is 21.6% admiration, probably referring to historic fans of the show or other moments and guests of the evening.

What does all this mean? “It means that the majority of social users are starting to show tiredness over the Ferragni affair – he explained Roberto Esposito, CEO of DeRev – not because she is willing or ready to forget what happened, but because she is not interested in every single development.” Furthermore, those who continue to talk about it are highly polarized, with a majority significantly shifted towards those who accuse them he doesn’t like the way he talks about what happenedand the major criticisms still focused on the lexical choice of the influencer, with the words “misunderstanding” and “error” coming under fire.

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According to Esposito, in short, “from a communication strategy point of view, Ferragni probably wasted an opportunitygathering consensus among those who had already chosen not to let them miss it, but without increasing it”.

The performance of Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram profile in the last 12 months The performance of Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram profile since the beginning of the crisis (15 December 2023) Social network Adv, gifted and supplied, shadow ban and tariffs: minimal guide to the influencer marketing by Emanuele Capone January 16, 2024

The numbers: lost another 850 followers in 24 hours

The numbers confirm this: since the beginning of the crisis, that is since the middle of last December, Chiara Ferragni lost 486 thousand followers on Instagram and Fedez lost 233,700; from Sunday evening to Monday evening, Ferragni reduced the bleeding, but still showed a negative balance, which marked -850 followers in 24 hours.

The feeling is that the influencer has consolidated the negative perception of those who had not appreciated the management of the problem from the beginning: they chose to continue to downplay the incident, immediately presenting themselves as a victim besieged by haters; he focused on trying to generate compassion, reiterating the messages he had already begun to distil during the day on Sunday about not trying to always be strong and perfect, about everyone making mistakes, it can happen and so on.

This choice forced her to propose once again in a naive way: he denied having a communications team (despite the fact that it is clear that he has one, like anyone at his level of popularity), he denied that there is a strategy, he called for total authenticity in the way he manages social media and promised to “live day by day”choosing to “change something, not in the way of communicating, but in the way of living”.

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They are a dialectic and a choice of words that they do not bring the general public closerwhich perceives them as artificial, and above all they drive brands further apartinterested in solid management and professionalism.


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