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The first self-driving cars are being tested on Italian motorways

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The first self-driving cars are being tested on Italian motorways

In recent months, self-driving cars have been traveling on Italian roads. Even on roads open to traffic. This is the experimental phase of a project by Autostrade per l’Italia, the first Italian concessionaire to allow the circulation of this type of vehicle, according to Ministerial Decree 70 “smart roads”, Aspi supports in this process the Polytechnic of Milan, a university which has recently obtained authorization for this type of test, supported by the Technical Support Observatory for Smart Roads and Connected and Automatically Driven Vehicles of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The first road tests – Aspi says in a note – started in July on the A26 where the self-driving car traveled 20 km, in a stretch where there were no tunnels.

At the end of October the experimentation continued for another 30 km, again on the A26, this time also passing through the Valsesia tunnel. Tests carried out “in maximum safety, according to the provisions of the law”, assures the company.

“This experimentation projects us towards the future and revolutionizes the concept of road driving”, said the CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, Roberto Tomasi. “Our Group is testing solutions that will allow autonomous vehicles to ‘read’ events in advance, thanks to the data transmitted by the infrastructure”, and adds: “This is another important step forward within the Program Mercury, Aspi’s plan dedicated to innovation. The objective is to guarantee safer infrastructures, participating as protagonists in the mobility revolution in the name of decarbonisation, digitalisation and to guarantee increasingly innovative services that are close to user needs ”.

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Movyon, the Autostrade per l’Italia Group’s center of excellence for research and innovation, plans further open traffic tests in the Valsesia tunnel in the first months of 2024 to verify the reliability of the precision positioning of the car enabled by distributed antennas in the tunnel. In recent months, the Company has started testing a system that allows the vehicle to communicate with the infrastructure, in order to maintain the same level of autonomous driving, even in the absence of a satellite signal (as in the case of a tunnel). The experimentation, it was said, is part of the broader Mercury Programme, the plan dedicated to innovation which involves all the companies of the Aspi Group, with the aim of guaranteeing safer infrastructures and increasingly innovative services closer to the needs of the user.

By Arcangelo Rociola

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