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The Knight Witch 評論 – Gamereactor

Climate change is apparently happening in the video game world, too. In The Knight Witch, the world above the surface is bombed into oblivion, and the people are asked to build a new habitat underground. The greatest warriors among the people are the flying knight witches who, according to legend, won wars without the support of any army.

The game stars Rain, a happy knight-witch prospect who doesn’t quite make it into the official knight-witch ranks. Wren is pulled into the middle of the action, and when things start to go wrong, the brave Witch Knight seems to disappear. Ryan needs to collect props bit by bit to defeat evil again.

The story is general but well written. The narrative has enough twists and turns that the characters have more than one dimension. Although the story quickly becomes very predictable, it still has its quality and inspires further exploration of the dungeon.

Rayne can fly from the start, which creates an interesting freshness to the tried-and-true Metroidvania formula. Zooming in the maze is fun and removes the usual obstacles around restricting player movement. Maybe flying itself is just too easy, so there’s plenty of bullet hell action, too. From the beginning of the game, the screen is filled with colorful bullets for our witch to dodge.

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There are even more ideas incorporated into the action. Wren fires homing bullets, but they can also be manually directed, which makes them do more damage. Since witches also have to cast magic, spells are done as different spell cards, which depending on which card is played can make Wren’s bullets better, cast powerful melee spells, or provide different shields. Here, the game also has a deck-building quality, as spells cannot be deliberately chosen. Instead, the cards are placed in a deck, and once a spell is cast, the next spell is picked from the deck. Only three of the nine spell slots can be used at a time.

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The Knight Witch
The Knight WitchThe Knight Witch

Mixing works surprisingly well, and gaming is a lot of fun. When the bullet is automatically directed at the enemy, in a small space, you can concentrate on avoiding the enemy’s attack and using the spell correctly. This helps because the game’s difficulty doesn’t get in the way. Even the tutorial boss packs a punch. The difficulty builds up as the game progresses, especially as the occasional ambush is a serious pain. Of course, this is not enough, for experienced witch knights, there are challenge rooms hidden in the dungeon, which may be a severe test for players.

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After a while, though, one does get used to the difficulty, which reveals a surprisingly enjoyable and addictive adventure. The art and music are beautiful, new ideas have been used in digital, and even the dungeons are well designed. The main downside to this is that the game is also short, with the final dungeon only appearing after six or seven hours of gameplay.

Overall, Witch Knight is a recommendable experience, especially if you want a new twist on classic Metroid gameplay and a difficulty level that won’t worry you. Even if it does, the game has some cool cheat codes to account for winning. This video game is indeed a good one.

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