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The latest work in the Nintendo Switch™ game software “Harvest Moon” series “Harvest Moon Welcome!” “Life is Beautiful” Introduction Video & Official Website! | NOVA Information Plaza

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The latest work in the Nintendo Switch™ game software “Harvest Moon” series “Harvest Moon Welcome!” “Life is Beautiful” Introduction Video & Official Website! | NOVA Information Plaza

The latest information including the new event “Wedding Ceremony” will also be introduced!
Seya Co., Ltd. announced that it is expected to release in the summer of 2023 Marvelous Inc.’s Nintendo Switch™ game software “Harvest Moon Welcome!” “Life is Beautiful”, the introduction video and official website were released today.

On the official website, information on the residents of the “Valley of Forgotten” with rich personality and the life of the ranch that has become more colorful and wonderful are announced. Be sure to check it out.
This is a remake of “Harvest Moon” released in 2003, and it is also the latest work in the “Harvest Moon” series that has added many wonderful new elements. Let’s start a brand-new “warm pasture life” that has lasted for decades on the stage of “Forgotten Valley”, a settlement in the valley.

■Official website
◆『Harvest Moon Welcome! “Life is Beautiful” introduces the introduction video♪
“Harvest Moon Welcome!” was announced today! The latest introduction video of “Life is Beautiful”.
In this video, in addition to the well-known ranch life in the series, you can also glimpse some life fragments that have lasted for decades in the “Valley of Forgotten”.
Please watch the warm and leisurely life experienced by the ranch owner in this work, as well as the introduction video of another life.

■The latest introduction video

◆『Harvest Moon Welcome! “Life is Beautiful” announces the latest information!
■Added a new event “Wedding Ceremony”♪
In “Harvest Moon Welcome!” In “Life is Beautiful”, “Wedding Ceremony” will appear as a new event to decorate your life!
This time, let’s briefly introduce the content of the event… ♪

■Here I will show you what it looks like to live on a wonderful ranch♪
This time, we also introduce the ranch life in the “Forgotten Valley” that has become more abundant!
Last time, I introduced you to the most basic farming and dairy farming processes in ranch life. This time, I will further introduce the method of raising young animals and the daily itinerary in the ranch. In “, you can have fun while taking a walk♪

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・Cultivate delicious crops
After getting used to farming, let’s also pay attention to the season and soil conditions!
Maybe better crops can be cultivated?
Here is a little bit to reveal some tips that need to be paid attention to♪

・Let’s raise young animals of animals
Animals in the pasture can not only be purchased by contract, but also can be increased through production.
But before the young animals grow up, it takes a lot of work to take care of them…
Let me introduce to you what cows look like after giving birth to raising them♪

・Let’s find out the blessings of nature
There are many bounties of nature in the “Valley of Forgotten”!
When the maintenance of the ranch is over, go fishing, pick flowers or wild vegetables!
In addition to being used to make dishes, maybe it may also be something that your sweetheart likes?

・Let’s confirm the contents of the bulletin board
Sometimes on the bulletin board in the center of the “Valley of Forgotten”, there will be a “request” from the residents. As long as you provide the items that the residents need, you can get thank you gifts.
From time to time, check the bulletin board and help the residents♪

・The goal is to become a millionaire
You can ship the harvested crops or processed products to the town, or sell them to the traveling merchant “Pa” who visits the “Valley of Forgotten” twice a month… You can also set up roadside stalls and sell them directly to residents Wait, to earn money.
After earning money, in addition to buying crop seeds or tools, you can also issue contracts to build ranch equipment or buy animals, making ranch life more fulfilling and rich!

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・Let’s cook
After harvesting crops or dairy products, try cooking them!
There are 121 recipes in total. Be sure to make a lot of delicious food ♬
In addition, in addition to using recipes, you can also rely on your own intuition to make dishes. Let’s try to make delicious dishes with existing ingredients.
In addition to enjoying the prepared dishes by yourself, maybe you can also share them with others?

■Introducing 6 new residents with rich personality♪
In the small settlement “Forgotten Valley”, there are many residents with rich personalities!
This time, we will introduce 6 new residents with rich personality♪
There are more things to watch! Please look forward to the follow-up news!
In the future, we will continue to introduce you to the reborn “Harvest Moon Welcome!” The new elements of “Life is Beautiful”, please look forward to the follow-up information!

◆Product Information

■A remake of “Harvest Moon: Life is Beautiful”!
Adding new elements makes it more fulfilling and wonderful♪
『Harvest Moon Welcome! “Life is Beautiful” is a re-production of the 2003 Nintendo GameCube game software “Life is Beautiful” on the Nintendo Switch™ platform.
Take the settlement “Forgotten Valley” in the valley as the stage, and spend a leisurely ranch life in it. In addition to retaining the above elements, the update adds new events, crops, and love candidates, and many other new contents! Whether it is a novice player who is new to the “Harvest Moon” series, or an experienced player who has played through the content of “Harvest Moon” all the time, they can spend a full and wonderful day in “Forgotten Valley”.

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■About the “Harvest Moon” series
“Harvest Story” is a “warm life game” that allows you to grow vegetables and fruits, take care of animals, etc. in a ranch full of nature, and at the same time meet and fall in love with the residents of the town, and enjoy a complete ranch life.

■About “Harvest Moon Story”
The 10th work released on the Nintendo GameCube platform in 2003-“Harvest Moon Story is Beautiful”, is a work featuring the long years of living on the ranch for 30 years.
This work, which has a place in the hearts of many ranch owners, has been reborn and become more exciting in the span of 20 years!
※Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
※The screen is the content of the Japanese version of the game under development. The official release product is the traditional Chinese version.

【Product Information】
Product Name: Harvest Moon Welcome!beautiful life
Gaming Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release date: Expected to be released in summer 2023
Game language: Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・Korean subtitles/Japanese voice
Game category: Warm life game
Number of players: 1 person
Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.
DevelopmentMarvelous Inc.
Game Rating: Not yet reviewed
Copyright Mark: © 2022 Marvelous Inc. © SEGA
Official website: https://asia.sega.com/bokumono/welcome/cht/
SEGA Asia Official Website: https://asia.sega.com/cht/
SEGA Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sega.asiacs
SEGA official Weibo: http://weibo.com/segamobile
SEGA ASIA BLOG : https://asiablog.sega.com/
SEGA Taiwan Online Store: https://store.segataiwan.com.tw
■ The company names and product names described in this article are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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