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the live report cards of the third evening (Thurs…

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the live report cards of the third evening (Thurs…

The third evening of the show is also underway Sanremo 2024the one on Thursday, and then let’s follow it together with ours report cards to (not) be taken seriouslystrictly live.

Tonight’s program includes the performance of 15 of the 30 singers competing (those who did not perform yesterday), which will be presented by the latter. The management is obviously entrusted to Amadeuswho will be assisted this evening by Teresa Mannino as co-host. On the guest front there will be Russel Crowe (who will perform with his band, i The Gentlemen Barbers) and they will return Eros Ramazzotti (which will celebrate 40 years of Promised Land) e Gianni Morandi. Fleeting appearances are also expected Edward Leo e Sabrina Ferilli (which will present two new Rai dramas which will see them as protagonists).

In connection from the other stages we will watch the performances of Paola&Chiara (Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo) e Bresh (Costa Smeralda).

The Sanremo 2024 report cards: the third evening, Thursday (article updated live)

The Three – Fragile : 7

Hands down the most interesting of the new faces of this Sanremo. The piece is not to be underestimated at all and he is super in focus.

Maninni – Spectacular : 5,5

Italian songwriting could start again from Maninni. He could, but let’s hope he doesn’t.

Bnkr44 – punk government : 7

Mom, I want to be a Bknr44. That is, in reality the song only has one interesting thing: the chorus. But it’s so engaging that that’s enough. Seeeehehehhehhhehehheh

French Saints – Love in the mouth : 7,5

These are strong. But just a lot. With their low profile, without making any noise (no God, this time you have nothing to do with it), they are having a great festival.

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Mr. Rain – Two swings : 2 (like swings)

A train derailing. A phenomenal bang. The few survivors barely escape from the burning wreckage and find themselves in the desolation of the Siberian cold, surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. And when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, Il Volo arrives and introduces Mr. Rain, and Mr. Rain sings his song from Reels for the couples kissing at sunset. Yes, life can be merciless.

Rose Villain – Click Boom! : 7

The Flight that featured Mr. Rain was an apocalyptic scene. But Gazzelle presenting Rose Villain is a ray of sunshine that breaks the clouds. She is expressive like few others, with a melodic verse that explodes into a very powerful (and danceable) chorus. The text is by the good Davide Petrella (and you can hear it): “I have never been afraid of the dark, but of waking up with someone next to me.”.

Alessandra Amoroso – Up to here : 4

And nothing, when that piano starts it’s always “if you ask me who the girl is for me, Angela, I say you”. And so I can’t take it seriously. Especially if all the lyrical writing is based on an armed robbery to the film’s famous monologue Hatred. Alessà, so far so bad.

Riches and Poors – But not all of life : 6 (in the soul)

Shocking pink like Barbie and Ken. This thing that the Ricchi e Poveri song begins with “what a mess” continues to amaze me. So what does it matter if harmonically it’s a half copy of Can’t take my eyes off you?

Momento Russell Crowe: 10

Music, anecdotes and entertainment. Basically everything that didn’t happen with John Travolta (nicely quoted by Crowe himself). At his signal we unleashed the sick man (semicity)

Angelina Mango – The girl : 9

Podium is podium. And anyone who disagrees deserves Mr. Rain.

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Diodate – Ti plastic : 6,5

With that vocal timbre Diodato could even sing the lyrics of Il Volo (which in terms of artistic depth differs little from Thursday’s shopping list). Elegant like few others.

Expensive – My home : 8,5

“But how can you say that everything is normal here
To draw a boundary
With imaginary lines
bomb a hospital
For a piece of land
or for a piece of bread”

So much for those who say that today’s rappers don’t have lyrics. This evening Ghali wasn’t very precise on the melodic parts (and that’s the only reason we deduct half a point from him). But he remains a phenomenon from an expressive point of view, and writing together with Davide Petrella is just the icing on the cake.

Negramaro – Let’s start everything again : 6

The melody of the chorus is very beautiful, especially the second one, when the kick starts in 4. It’s all the rest that left us a little meh

Edoardo Lei’s monologue: 9

One of the most interesting moments of the evening. Never boring, with a crazy pace, and full of content.

Fiorella Mannoia – Mariposa : 7

Class is not water, it is Mannoia.

Saint John – Finish me : 4

This song is about suffering. This song is suffering. The song is called this because already in the first chorus the listener calls for a quick and painless death.

Geolier’s diction: Not received

The accent is a bit audible.

La Sad – Self-destructive : 6,5

The pink sad smokes at least 20 packs of cigarettes a day. The prechorus inevitably recalls Thirty Seconds To Mars from the beginning of the millennium, everything else is Gemelli DiVersi feat Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance. The result of this unlikely mashup? Extremely pleasant.

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The top 5 of the third evening of Sanremo 2024

In this third evening the public (via televoting) and the Radio Jury (which this year takes the place of the Demoscopic Jury) voted ex aequo (50% + 50%). At the end of the 15 performances, as happened yesterday too, Amadeus has announced the names of the 5 most voted artistswithout however revealing the general ranking (which will remain secret until Saturday).

The 5 most voted songs of this third evening are:

Angelina Mango The girl

ExpensiveMy home

Alessandra AmorosoUp to here

The Three Fragile

Mr. Rain Two swings

We also remind you that on TechPrincess you will find all the updates, news, memes and setlists of the individual evenings of Sanremo 2024. We also renew the appointment for the fourth evening tomorrow, the one dedicated to covers and duets.

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