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The mayor of Paris leaves X: “It has become a sewer, a kingdom of misinformation and denialism”

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The mayor of Paris leaves X: “It has become a sewer, a kingdom of misinformation and denialism”

“This means of communication has become an immense global sewer.” And again: “This platform and its owner deliberately act to exacerbate tensions and conflicts. They are purposely obstructing the information needed to achieve the ecological and energy transition we need.” Anne Hidalgo wrote one last post su X to inform his 1.5 million followers that he will say goodbye to the social network. Mayor of Paris since 2014, socialist, Hidalgo joined the social network – which she continues to call Twitter in her post – in 2009. She never mentions Elon Musk, but her words are a direct accusation of the changes brought about by his new sole owner, who paid out 44 billion dollars a year ago to liquidate old ownership and management.

An outburst. With harsh words towards what in his opinion has become a public space where facts have become irrelevant and everything is a blender of “Manipulation, disinformation, sounding boards for hatred, organized harassment, anti-Semitism and proven racism, groups that they attack scientists, climate scientists, women, ecologists, progressives and all those who with good will want a serene and peaceful political debate in an increasingly complex world. The list of abuses is endless,” Hidalgo writes.

Hidalgo accuses: “Enough. Today controversy and manipulation reign supreme over X”

This is no small defection. In over 10 years of office as mayor of Paris, Hidalgo has made the protection of the environment and the quality of urban life his strong point. What the Parisians rewarded her for again. On Twitter over the years he has helped create his consensus. But Twitter is not the polls. And on social media Hidalgo has recently received harsh criticism for his policy of closing roads to traffic, encouraging bicycles and plans to limit speed on the express roads surrounding the French capital.

Social Network The value of X (Twitter) collapses to 19 billion, -56% one year after Elon Musk by Arcangelo Rociola 31 October 2023

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“Today, controversies, rumors and gross manipulations dictate public debate, driven by the Twitter algorithm, where the only thing that matters is the number of ‘likes’. Facts don’t matter,” she wrote. And again: We can continue to deny, debunk and explain, but the noise generated by false news will always far outweigh the echo of a well-founded truth.”

Only solution? Leave the platform. Where evidently it makes no sense for the mayor of Paris to stay and try to build a different debate. Or construct a speech that can adhere to the facts. Without content moderation or post filters, all that remains of X/Twitter is the “global sewer” lashed out by Hidalgo. At the end an invitation to his followers: “Do the same thing. More than ever, we need to keep real democracy alive, that of city councils, citizens’ assemblies, votes, conferences and meetings. Many physical places at eye level where we can see each other, discuss, build together and simply live together.”

The controversies surrounding X since Elon Musk became owner

It is a fact that the climate on X has changed in the last year. Musk fired 80% of former employees and reduced the content moderation team to the bone. The platform was suddenly invaded by violent posts, sometimes denialist, sometimes anti-Semitic. Some of these, denounced by the American association Media Matters, have companies such as IBM and Apple stopping their advertising on the social network. Meanwhile, the value of the social network, according to what emerged from the main American newspapers, due to the flight of advertisers – whether motivated or not – would have collapsed in the last year by 56% to 19 billion. 25 less than what Musk paid.

Social Musk takes the association that accused X of hosting anti-Semitic posts to court by Arcangelo Rociola November 21, 2023

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Musk, on the other hand, sued Media Matters, accusing it of wanting to sabotage the company with biased reporting. The entrepreneur tried to defend himself (he was the author of staunch support for an anti-Semitic tweet) and his platform from the accusation of being a meeting place for neo-Nazis. His visit to Israel, with a visit to the Kibbutzim attacked by Hamas alongside the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Not a small sign.

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