Home Technology The Ministry of Infrastructure launches the first technological hub for the mobility of the disabled

The Ministry of Infrastructure launches the first technological hub for the mobility of the disabled

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The Ministry of Infrastructure launches the first technological hub for the mobility of the disabled

The declared objective is to promote the personal mobility of people with disabilities to increase their autonomy, safety, integration and social and work integration. Thus the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (Mims) and the National Association of Handicapped Transport Legislation Guide (Anglat), have just committed to creating in Rome the first “Single Point for Accessible and Sustainable Mobility”, where it will be possible to carry out research and programming activities to plan the future of mobility for people with motor and neuromotor disabilities, as well as organizing seminars, information and training courses on mobility, driving, technological devices and regulations for the staff of the Local Medical Commissions in charge of issuing or renewing special licenses and for the staff of the peripheral offices of the Mims Department of Sustainable Mobility.

The event

Disability Day: Apple presents the news for its systems

by Antonio Dini

The Single Point for Accessible and Sustainable Mobility, which will be activated at the Higher Research Center for Motor Vehicle and Device Testing (CSRPAD) of the Ministry, intends to favor the implementation of projects to ensure mobility, through the driving of a vehicle, to people with disabilities severe motor or neuromotor nature. To this end, special cars will be made available for driving tests for people with multiple or complex handicaps. The Territorial General Management of the Center of the Mims Department for Sustainable Mobility will guarantee free access to all services for the assessment and assessment of residual driving skills, necessary for obtaining or renewing the license.

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The disability gap: why technology cannot fail to be accessible

by Carolina Milanesi

As underlined by the President of ANGLAT, Roberto Romeo: “With the Punto Unico we want to offer support to users with serious and / or complex disabilities, as well as create a technical and specialist reference for all public and private bodies and institutions, car manufacturers , rehabilitation centers, driving schools, trade associations, fielding skills, professionalism and experience, in the field of disability and the right to public and private mobility, acquired in 42 years of history, to create new services and identify addresses, procedures simplification procedures, methods of evaluation of the reference users, shared and uniform with the referring bodies (Ministries, CML driving licenses, civil motorization), in the assessment and issuing of suitability to drive procedure, both for private and professional use. ” Through this innovative planning, unique at international level, in the definition of the paths aimed at ascertaining and evaluating the specific functional and / or residual driving skills of people with multiple and / or complex pathologies, appropriately designed and calibrated technical equipment will be used, such as by current legislation.

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