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The Mona Lisa has just become a hologram thanks to an AI

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The Mona Lisa has just become a hologram thanks to an AI

All this is made possible through an advanced algorithm based (needless to say) on Artificial Intelligence. Let’s find out together the study published in the journal Applied Physics Reviews.

So at least the Mona Lisa object of vandalism several times, will be safe. The technique was developed by a team from the Chinese University of Tianjin. Considering holograms as images created by interference between light and sound waves, scientists have used a super-material capable of interacting precisely with sound waves in a decidedly peculiar way.

Led by Xuan-Bo Miao, the research team used a algorithm based on an artificial neural networkwhich showed him how to increasingly optimize the metasurface used, i.e. a surface with only two dimensions whose properties depend more on the structure of the metamateriale than by the chemical composition itself. The results (which you can see in the link below) are surprising, with an excellent quality hologram.

We have chosen to recreate the Mona Lisa because it is so famous that practically everyone knows it. It is full of countless delicate and subtle transitions between different layers, which enhance the softness and mystery of the painting. So it’s a excellent test bench to demonstrate the effectiveness of our methodsaid Yue-Sheng Wang, co-author of the study.

The hologram obtained is obviously two-dimensional, but the same approach it can also be used to create three-dimensional images with decidedly innovative implications in the health sector, as demonstrated by the antibiotic created in just 2 hours by an Artificial Intelligence.

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