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The multiplayer survival game “The Day Before”, which has been delayed many times, faced overwhelming negative reviews due to various bugs and technical problems after its launch | Computer King Ada

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The multiplayer survival game “The Day Before”, which has been delayed many times, faced overwhelming negative reviews due to various bugs and technical problems after its launch | Computer King Ada

Massively multiplayer survival game “The Day Before” faces backlash after long-awaited early access launch

After experiencing many delays, the massively multiplayer survival game “The Day Before”, which was once on the Steam platform and was added to the wishlist by the most players, officially entered the early access stage this weekend. However, the game was immediately criticized due to a large number of Bugs and technical issues have faced overwhelming negative reviews.

“The Day Before” topped the Steam platform sales list when it was initially capped, and the number of players reached 34,000, but this seems to be just a flash in the pan when it was launched. While many players took to The Day Before’s Reddit thread to express their expectation to see the game’s inconsistent performance in Early Access, the game’s eventual launch seemed to be outweighed by its poor state. Their expectations even led to multiple major errors that prevented players from playing properly.

According to multiple game clips shared on the “The Day Before” discussion board, the player’s character wakes up in a hospital bed at the beginning of the game, with a doctor standing next to him. Soon after, the doctor will ask the player to “try to get out of bed and walk around.” However, due to some major bug, as soon as the player character leaves the hospital bed, he will immediately fall into a gray abyss below the map and die on the spot. However, many players also said that they were unable to talk to the doctor at all, resulting in the game being completely unable to progress. In addition, other conditions include getting stuck in walls and other major bugs that occur at the beginning of the game.

What’s more serious is that some players seem to be unable to even enter the game’s opening level. Due to the large influx of players when it was launched, the servers of “The Day Before” also encountered severe congestion, resulting in players being unable to connect. After finally experiencing this long-developed game, players have also reported that they were misled by the marketing promotion of the “The Day Before” development team. The production team continued to hint before the launch that this will be a massively multiplayer online game. I downloaded the survival game, but after actually playing it, I found that it was just an ordinary evacuation cooperative shooting game.

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Amid various negative reactions, “The Day Before” received “overwhelming negative reviews” on the Steam platform within less than one day of its release. Currently, only 17% of players have given positive reviews. The other 83% of players criticized “The Day Before” in their Steam reviews for its lack of many basic setting options, server issues, and endless bugs.

“The game UI broke immediately after I logged in, and then I couldn’t connect to the server at all. After finally connecting, I encountered a bug that caused me to fall to my death under the map. Don’t play this game. “One of the players said.

Another player complained about The Day Before’s lack of elements of a true open-world MMO, calling it a pretty bad extraction shooter.

“This game is not an MMO, even if it is constantly claimed in the official promotion. That is completely misleading. It runs and looks terrible. Don’t buy it,” said the player.

According to the FAQ published by the game development team Fntastic on the Steam product page of “The Day Before”, the game is expected to be in early access for “six to eight months”, but the actual situation may change at any time. . Fntastic emphasized that they will continue to fix and adjust bugs and balance issues in the game during the next period, while adding new content, such as weapons, vehicles, and horses. In addition, the team stated that although the current price of the game is US$40, it will increase with the addition of new content.

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It is worth noting that even though the positioning issue has caused controversy, the official still insists that “The Day Before” is an MMO. In the Q&A, they claimed that “The Day Before” is an MMO that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game. A post-apocalyptic open world massively multiplayer online game.

For now, Fntastic has only published a response post on the Twitter/X platform in response to the problems encountered during the launch phase of “The Day Before”, saying that they have noticed the problem of server overload in North America and emphasizing that the server It’s still working, but there are just too many players.

Before it was launched and brought a lot of negative reviews, “The Day Before” had experienced multiple delays and was even briefly removed from the Steam platform due to trademark issues. In addition, the development team Fntastic has also aroused doubts from many players because it has adopted a completely remote work format and hired a large number of volunteers to assist them in development. In addition, it has not developed other games except “The Day Before”.

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