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The networks are filled with memes against change

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The networks are filled with memes against change

WhatsApp users on iOS are in for a colorful surprise as the popular instant messaging application has undergone a makeover in its appearance. The app’s interface, which was originally dominated by blue hues, has now been updated with a fresh green color palette, similar to the one found in the Android version.

Screenshots shared on social media reveal that the change in color is mainly visible in the main panels of the app. While the modification does not impact the functionality of the platform, it has sparked mixed reactions among users. Some welcome the change as a step towards unifying the app’s appearance across different operating systems, while others feel that the iconic blue color gave WhatsApp for iPhone a distinctive identity.

Critics have taken to social media to express their displeasure, with some calling the new color scheme “horrible” and “ugly.” Memes mocking the arrival of the green color to WhatsApp for iPhone have also been circulating online.

For those wondering why some users still see the app in blue, it is likely that the update is being rolled out gradually. Additionally, users who have disabled automatic updates may not have received the new color palette yet. However, once the app is updated, the change to green will take effect.

Interestingly, rumors suggest that WhatsApp is working on introducing a “themes” feature that will allow users to customize the app’s appearance with different color options. This development could explain the recent shift from blue to green on iOS and hints at more customization options in the future.

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Overall, the color change in WhatsApp for iPhone may serve as a precursor to more customizable features on the platform. Users can look forward to a more personalizable experience as the app continues to evolve.

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