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The new Intel CPUs are here!

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The new Intel CPUs are here!

Intel has unveiled the 14th generation of its own Core processors. The first models are now available in stores. In this article you will find out what to expect.

With the new processors, Intel has given the Raptor Lake architecture a small refresh. The result is primarily more computing cores and higher clock speeds. At launch there will be six different variants available to purchase. Both three models with and three without an integrated graphics unit.

Compared to “leading competitive processors”, the 14th generation Intel Core processors are said to offer up to 23 percent increased gaming performance. A particular focus is on the overclocking option. A new AI-controlled overclocking feature aims to make life easier for both beginners and advanced users.

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There is also compatibility for Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4 and Thunderbolt 5. This means the processors are ideally prepared for the future. A mainboard with the 600/700 series chipsets is required. You can also find a large selection of suitable mainboards at ALTERNATE!

The new generation is led by the Intel Core i9-14900K(F). With its 24 computing cores and a boost clock of up to 6.0 GHz, it should make the competition look old. The flagship costs from 637 euros. Behind it is the Intel Core i7-14700K(F), which is available from 445 euros. This scores with 20 computing cores and a maximum clock speed of 5.6 GHz. The power consumption of both models is between 125 watts (base) and 253 watts (turbo).

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The Intel Core i5-14600K(F), on the other hand, is aimed at beginners. From 328 euros, customers get a total of 14 computing cores and a clock speed of up to 5.3 GHz. The power consumption is also lower compared to the other CPUs and is between 125 watts (base) and 181 watts (turbo).

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