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The new WhatsApp function to mark conversations as unread

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The new WhatsApp function to mark conversations as unread

WhatsApp Introduces New Features to Improve User Experience

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform used by millions around the world, continues to innovate with new functions aimed at enhancing the user experience. Following the announcement that it will soon allow users to read and send messages to other platforms without leaving the app, in compliance with an EU guideline, WhatsApp has now introduced a highly requested feature: the green dot, which allows users to mark conversations as unread.

The green dot feature is designed to optimize message management and help users organize their response times. Users can simply choose a chat, hold it, and select the ‘Mark as unread’ option in the menu in the upper right corner. This action will display a green dot below the time of the last message received, serving as a visual reminder for the user.

This new functionality is particularly useful for situations where users receive important messages but are unable to respond immediately. To make use of this feature, users need to ensure they have the latest update of WhatsApp installed. Once updated, they can easily mark any chat, whether individual or group, as unread.

In addition to the ‘Mark as unread’ feature, WhatsApp also offers the ‘Pin Chat’ option, allowing users to keep up to three important conversations pinned at the top of their chat list. This feature ensures quick access to priority conversations, whether personal, group, or professional.

To pin a chat, users can simply open WhatsApp, locate the desired chat, press and hold it until a menu appears at the top of the screen, and then select the pin icon to move the chat to the top of the list. WhatsApp allows users to set up to three pinned chats, and any additional chats will require unpinning one of the existing ones.

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The introduction of these new features in WhatsApp provides users with essential tools for effective conversation management, helping them prioritize important messages and respond in a timely manner. These functions aim to enhance the overall user experience on the messaging platform, making it easier for users to stay organized and engaged with their conversations.

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