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The original Xbox appears in Halo: Season 2 –

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The original Xbox appears in Halo: Season 2 –

Fans of the Halo series have been buzzing about the latest episode of Season 2, which includes a special Easter egg that has them feeling nostalgic. In a scene set in an antique store, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a rare Halo Edition Xbox on one of the shelves. The green and translucent console was originally released in 2004, with only 200,000 units produced.

The Halo Edition Xbox has since become a sought-after collector’s item, with prices skyrocketing for units in perfect condition. In fact, a quick search on eBay reveals listings for the console reaching high price tags, showcasing just how valuable this piece of gaming history has become.

For fans of the Halo franchise, the appearance of the Halo Edition Xbox in the latest episode of the Halo series is a fun nod to the series’ roots and a reminder of the impact the game has had on the gaming community. As Season 2 continues to captivate audiences with its more game-like narrative and engaging storyline, this Easter egg is just another reason for fans to tune in and enjoy the ride.

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