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The prism of Ampioraggio, innovation out of the ordinary

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The prism of Ampioraggio, innovation out of the ordinary

We were born by chance (or maybe not) in Salerno in 2016, but I won’t tell you the story that you can find on the Foundation’s website. As often happens with right and beautiful “things”, we have grown in several directions because we are not only two-dimensional, we are a prism, we have moved in all directions, with anyone who has the desire and interest to collaborate and grow together, with anyone who has something to ask, something to give, something to tell, something to understand, something to share.

I have been saying this about myself for years and the Ampioraggio Foundation has made it its own: I am a CoCoCo, I collaborate to share knowledge, this is what many of us do in the open data communities, in the open source communities, in the communities and in the open world innovation!

And this is what happens with Ampioraggio and what Ampioraggio does. Widespread: among the possible synonyms I mention some that are exactly what we do and who we are: wide-ranging, large-scale, far-reaching, large-scale, long-term, mass, global, complete, comprehensive, extensive , detailed, in-depth, widespread, exhaustive…

In the context of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, there are five macro themes we deal with and on which we collaborate and which we decline from time to time according to our “travel companions”:

  1. Smart Government and Smart Cities: participation, projects, technologies at the service of citizens and administrations;
  2. Villages and inland areas; businesses, startups, investors meet with the local area and share ideas and projects that are far from clichés;
  3. Open Innovation, distributed innovation that involves all stakeholders
  4. Enhancement of skills and abilities; support in the continuous process of improvement of people in an economic, institutional, managerial and life sphere
  5. Sustainability and Energy Communities
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The problem, the idea, the project, on any of the topics we want to deal with must be seen as a prism, with all its complexities.

We have to look at it with different people, each person from their own point of view, with their own skills, with their own bias cognitive (no one is exempt)… together, only together can we find solutions, only together can we face it in its entirety.

And so we can describe our PRISMA as a new acronym that stands for:

  • Participation
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • I deserve
  • I listen

And therefore we are not only CoCoCo, collaborators to share knowledge but we have learned together that other Co.s are needed. Let’s not forget Competitiveness, but we have also learned to have Concrete and Common objectives, to let ourselves be Contaminated, to Contribute Concretely by Involving and Co-planning with different Skills, generating Connections and Community. How did it happen, but above all why did it happen?

Come and see it at the next Jazz’Inn, you too will be overwhelmed by the Co, I’m sure. On these issues we bring innovation, we collect innovation, we share innovation, we listen to innovation, we suggest changes for innovation. What innovation?

Innovation of processes, innovation of solutions, innovation of relationships, innovation of company management or administration, innovation of sales and marketing, innovation in communication, innovation in research, innovation in teaching, innovation in administration from the point of view political and managerial point of view… Innovate to seize the requests that come to us from outside (or from inside) our working world, to keep up with the new market conditions, with the new opportunities offered by technologies and to respond to all these stresses in an innovative way.

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Innovation in looking at problems from different points of view: altering the order of things together because “we’ve always done it this way” is not always (almost never actually) the right answer. This is why in Ampioraggio innovation is far from clichés.

You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will be if you do nothing to change it.
(Martin Luther King)

This is the first article in a series of articles that will be produced by the Scientific Technical Committee of Ampioraggio and by those who wish to propose interesting topics to innovate and understand the digital transformation.

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