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The privacy of 5 million children

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The privacy of 5 million children

I don’t remember the first time privacy came into my life. Maybe it was in 1997, when he died in Paris Lady Dianain a car accident, while his car was being chased by a pack of paparazzi (“he had a right to privacy,” he told himself, but not everyone agreed).

Or when there was the horrible crime of Cogne, in 2002, and many newspapers also published too many details. Then I remember that the issue was and sometimes still is raised every time the wiretaps of judicial investigations are spread, including details that, in fact, violate the privacy of the suspects.

In short, privacy was once above all a tool to stem the excesses of photographers and journalists. (After all, one of the first dissertations on the right to privacy dates back to the end of the 19th century, in the United States, and was caused by the spread of the first cameras).

Then came the web, which we happily browse by having our every choice recorded by dozens of spy software that we do not know; and social media has arrived, where we continually create content without being aware of who will be able to watch it and for how long. In short, privacy was once a VIP thing, now it concerns us all.

Our freedom passes from that right (when a few days ago the European Parliament spoke of the absence of democracy in Hungary it has also done so for repeated privacy violations that allow for a state of mass surveillance).

This thing for us adults, who have lived in the pre-web era, should be evident, less so for the very young who were born in the digital and social world who surf helplessly. For this reason today theGuarantor Authority gathered in Naples all the experts and insiders asking them to make a solemn commitment to make 5 million children discover privacy.

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For example, printing brochures to distribute at parties in fast food restaurants. This is an important goal but very difficult to achieve. Also because it is almost always the parents who tell the lives of their children on social media without any attention to the consequences.

The first to be educated are us adults but evidently the Guarantor thinks that we are a basket case: it is easier to get a result by talking to children.

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