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The product workers: part-time product owners

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The product workers: part-time product owners

Today’s job market shows a clear change as part-time models are becoming more popular. This podcast episode covers the concept of the part-time product owner. Not only the reasons for this are discussed, but also the advantages and disadvantages and, in particular, the challenges.

Part-time Product Owners need to focus a lot because their time is limited. The restriction is even greater than with a full-time job. In addition, there is often a reason that makes absolute flexibility difficult. Therefore, Product Owners need to ensure they are doing the right activities. It is important to find out when you can find time with stakeholders and at which level you mainly work.

Certain techniques such as the product ownership evolution model or delegation poker can help here. Above all, however, it is crucial that product owners do not forget to plan a large part of their time for strategic activities, despite the operational workload. However, as time is severely limited, tasks can (and sometimes have to) be delegated to the team. For example, the team should be involved in user tests or work with supporters such as UX service providers. Therefore, a part-time model can even be an opportunity to establish a product owner role that focuses on what matters most: maximizing the value generated.

The current edition of the podcast is also available in the blog of the product workers: “Part-time Product Owner”.


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