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The product workers: Product owners from the developers’ perspective

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The product workers: Product owners from the developers’ perspective

For product owners, daily interaction with people plays a key role in their responsibility as a developer. They are the stakeholders that product owners interact with most often in their daily work. In all discussions, from agreements to requirements to joint decisions – the dynamics of this relationship have a significant influence on the success of product development.


To delve deeper into this relationship, Dominique Winter from the Product Workers spoke with Jacob Pawlik in this episode. He is Head of WebTec at Scopevisio AG and brings a valuable perspective to the conversation: the expectations of developers from product owners.

Main topics of discussion:

Developer expectations: What exactly does a developer expect from a product owner? Jacob Pawlik sheds light on this question from his experience.Product vision: How important is the product vision from a developer’s perspective and how does it influence daily work?Eye level and hierarchies: Why are these aspects crucial and how should you deal with them in order to ensure effective collaboration to promote?Red flags in collaboration: Jacob Pawlik shares his insights about what can be considered a warning signal when working with a product owner.Refinement, planning and review: What does a product owner really need for these processes? What does a developer expect in these phases?The retrospective with product owners: A look at the importance and implementation of effective retrospectives.No-gos for product owners: The podcast guest talks about common mistakes that product owners should avoid so that developers work better can.Tips for improving collaboration: Finally, Jacob Pawlik gives practical advice on how product owners can improve collaboration with developers.

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Of course, this episode is subjective, because there are many different developers and at least as many different expectations and experiences. It is still worth starting with a perspective and questioning how collaboration can be improved.

The current edition of the podcast is also available on the Produktwerker blog: “Product Owner from the Developer’s Perspective”.


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