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The professions for working with Amazon robots

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The professions for working with Amazon robots

Stefano La Rovere, Amazon’s Director of WW robotics advanced technology, will be at ITWeek in the Manufacturing 4.0 panel in the Duomo at 2:50 pm on 29 September

Can you tell what an Amnesty Floor Manager, a Robotics Technician or a Quarterback do (no, American football has nothing to do with it)? They all work together in Amazon’s logistics centers, alongside robots and automated systems that have the task of controlling, managing, directing. They take care of the maintenance of the sorting robots, control and optimize the flow of goods, and much more.

These are professions that didn’t exist just a dozen years ago, when the e-commerce giant arrived in Italy. Since then, the company has invested more than 100 billion euros in Europe, largely in the technologies that today enable totally new roles and skills.

In particular, the company founded by Jeff Bezos has invested over 400 million in the last three years in the research, development and implementation of new technologies and automation systems designed not only to optimize processes in large sorting centers, but also to support employees in carrying out their duties more safely.

Amazon: Italy 17,000 employees by 2022

Amazon’s approach to the evolution of professions is a good antidote to the inflationary bugbear of robots that will steal our jobs: despite huge investments in technology and automation, by 2022 Amazon in Italy expects to reach 17 thousand temporary employees indeterminate, 3 thousand of which hired in 2022, 4,500 in 2021.

The Italian branch of the e-commerce giant is unique on a global level also for its dialogue with trade associations and trade unions.

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And if on the one hand, thanks above all to strikes and legitimate protests, the company has agreed to contribute to the updating of employment contracts, on the other hand it actively takes on the training of the workforce of the future.

Stefano La Rovere, Director of WW robotics advanced technology at Amazon, will speak at the Italian Tech Week of Manufacturing 4.0, on September 29th at 2:50 pm in the Duomo.

In fact, since 2021 Amazon is sponsor of the Master in Supply Chain of the Politecnico di Milano, while a working group that belongs to the human resources division of the company deals with the collaboration with universities to create seminars and meetings dedicated to skills in the field. of logistics.

However, the formation of a workforce with the appropriate skills to fill new highly specialized professions does not pass only through universities. For this, Amazon is investing in the creation and development of new Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) for specialized education in automation, robotics and logistics.

It is a long-term strategy that fits in the wake traced by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) which provides for investments of up to 1.5 billion euros precisely in the development of ITS.

An Academy for the jobs of the future

In addition to joining the role of industrial partner in training in existing institutes in Veneto and Lombardy, Amazon participated as a founding member in the creation of a new ITS Academy in Logistics 4.0 in Lazio.

Established at the end of July 2022, the new Academy provides for a professionalizing path lasting two years and was born from the collaboration between the municipality of Fara in Sabina (Rieti), that of Colleferro (Rome), the Industrial Development Consortium of Lazio, the Educational Institution of the province of Rieti, the Varrone Cassa di Risparmio di Rieti Foundation and other partners.

The activities will start on 30 October and include training courses in three main areas: mobility of people and goods, production and maintenance of infrastructures and means of transport, management of computerized mobility and logistic infrastructures.

Students who leave the Academy after two years of theoretical and (above all) practical training will be able to work as Big Data Analyst, Digital Transformation Manager, Logistics and Automation Informer, Innovation Manager, AI Specialist.

All new figures, made possible by the digital transformation, which technology companies will increasingly need and who today, to a large extent, still struggle to find.

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